Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Al-shabab kills two women in Beledweyn town


Beledweyne : Somalia | Oct 27, 2010

Al-shabab fighters
One of the Al-shabab fighter's pictures in southern Somalia.
BELEDWEYN – Al-shabab fighters have shot and killed two women in Beledweyn town of Hiran region in central Somalia on Wednesday for reasons relating accusations they were spying for the transitional government of Somalia according to witnesses.
Reports from Beledweyn town say that the fighters of Al-shabab had murdered the women in at a square in the town where hundreds of people gathered for watching how killing happened there.
Residents confirmed to all voices reporter that the people of the town were forced to come at the scene where they had carried out the murdering action to watch how they were shooting the women dead adding that the people had expressed concern and shocking about the accident.
Al-shabab officials who spoke to the people said that they had captured the two women as fighting between their forces and the transitional government soldiers continued at Burta-qowlet village in out of Beledweyn town.
Al-shabab fighters threatened to the people of the region not support the government soldiers or oppose their administration or else would be killed as they did to the women.
It is not the first time that Al-shabab forces kill innocent civilians in the areas under their control in south and central Somalia.

Tony Blair's Sister-in-Law on Arrest of a Gaza Activist

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The worst thing is when fear finds it’s ways to reach deep inside your mind and soul 
and takes refuge in your system to destruct and disable your thoughts and feelings, 
when fear gets control of yourself and it programs you like a robot or computer,
till you see nothing but fear, you hear nothing but fear and you feel nothing but fear,
when you reach that level what kind of person are you?

Monday, October 4, 2010

German leader: Muslims belong here


German president says "Muslims belong in Germany" as much as Christians and Jews after 
Islamophobia surges.
Last Modified: 04 Oct 2010 06:19 GMT
Wulff's call for the integration of Muslims comes as the country's views towards the faith
is split [Reuters]
The German president has urged his people to recognise that the religion of Islam and its followers
have a legitimate place in Germany after a recent spike in anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.
Christian Wulff, who as president is considered a moral authority for the country, issued the statement
 on Sunday during a speech celebrating two decades of the country's reunification.
"Christianity doubtless belongs in Germany. Judaism belongs doubtless in Germany. That is our
 Judeo-Christian history. But by now, Islam also belongs in Germany," Wulff told an audience in the northern
 city of Bremen. 
"First and foremost, we need adopt a clear stance: an understanding that for Germany, belonging is not 
restricted to a passport, a family history, or a religion," he said.
Wulff's speech was part of nationwide festivities marking reunification of the country's east and west in 1990,
 after Germany spent a half-century divided into two countries following defeat in the Second World War.
Islamophobia rises
The president's call for more integration of the third largest religion in the country comes amid heightened
 tension over controversial remarks made by Thilo Sarrazin, a board member of Bundesbank, the country's 
central bank. He accused Muslim immigrants of leeching off the socialist state, refusing to integrate, 
and making Germany a "dumber" country. 
After publishing his ideas in a book called "Germany Abolishes Itself," which became a bestseller and
 sparked both widespread outrage and Islamophobia throughout the country, Sarrazin had to quit
 his post under government pressure. His anti-Muslim views polarised Germany and tested the country's 
tolerance level.
Public opinion towards Muslims had already been tottering for years as citizenship laws gave little 
recognition to the country's more than four million Muslims. Although most had migrated to the country 
decades ago, only 20 per cent have German citizenship.  
Mainly due to labour migrations from Turkey in the 1960s and several waves of political refugees in the 1970s,
 Islam has long been Germany's largest minority faith.
Wulff's supportive rhetoric for Muslims is consistent with Chancellor Angela Merkel's earlier statement, 

Deadly violence hits Somali capital


At least eight people killed in Mogadishu as fighting continues between al-Shabab and 
government forces.
Last Modified: 04 Oct 2010 05:52GMT
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Violence has escalated over the past month, with Sunday's gun battle in Mogadishu claiming up
to eight lives [AFP]
Clashes between soldiers from Somalia's UN-backed government and al-Shabab fighters in the
 capital Mogadishu have killed at least eight people and injured 18 more, according to a medical official.
Sunday's deadly gun battle erupted less than 24 hours after heavy shelling at Mogadishu's Bakara market 
 killed at least seven people.
"The insurgents attacked our position but they failed to capture it. Instead we captured from them several
 strategic positions," Sheikh Abdirasaq Qaylow, an official from the Somali information ministry, said,
 referring to the latest clashes.
Somalia has experienced an escalation in fighting over the past month, with al-Shabab, an anti-
government group accused by US officials of having links to al-Qaeda, trying to overun the weak 
government of Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
The weekend violence coincides with the Somali president's return to Mogadishu from New York,
 where he participated in the UN General Assembly last week.

Somalia has not had a fully functioning government in almost 20 years.

Sharif's government controls only a few parts of the country, with al-Shabab and other armed 
opposition groups controlling most of the southern and central parts.
Al-Shabab seeks to impose its version of Islamic law on the rest of the country.
Somalia has been racked by violence for more than two decades, and hundreds of thousands
 of people have fled their homes, creating one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis.