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أمل الشمري تستنجد بمحمد بن سلمان

Wefdi Imaraadka ka socda oo Madaxweynaha Soamliland la kulmay

"Ma Rooxaan Ayaa La Kulantay Madaxweynaha!" Barkhad Batuun


Dagaal Ciidamada Dowladda ku Dhaxmaray Xerada Jen Gordan

Kacdoono ka dhan ah Madaxweynaha Kililka 5aad Oo ka Bilawday Gobolka Som...

WARAR DEG DEG AH: Saldhiga Ruushka uu ka dhisayo S/Land, Qorshaha Turkey...


DEG DEG : Faah faahin Dagaalkii maanta iyo Amisom oo tiri Al- Shabaab is...

Somali Chef with Hottest Spot in Dar Es Salaam

kumanaan qosys oo ka soo barkacay fatahada wabiga shabeel ayaa gaaray d...


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Meet the Women Fighting Cheetah Smuggling in Somaliland

Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

In a large, empty-looking house on a hill in Hargeisa, Somaliland, Nejuu is preparing dinner for her “babies.” The veterinary student cuts up a kilo of red meat and places chunks of it on a plate.
“Careful! They’re going to go crazy when they see it,” Nejuu says as she opens the kitchen door and walks out into the large yard. A second later, two young cheetahs emerge from the shadows and shoot towards her at breakneck speed, halting and skidding when they reach her, then quickly regaining their balance and jumping up on her, their front paws reaching for the meat.
“Down, VP, down! Dobbie, down!” she shouts, laughing as she tries not to let the two animals knock her over.
Large cats like cheetahs and lions are sometimes kept as pets in some parts of the world — but that’s actually what Nejuu and a small bunch of committed individuals are trying to stop.

Both of Nejuu’s “babies,” as she affectionately calls them, are young male cheetahs that were rescued from people who kept them in their homes.
“They don’t know how to keep these animals. They don’t give them the right food or enough water,” Nejuu says as she strokes VP’s crooked front legs. “His legs are like this because malnutrition caused metabolic bone disease, which deformed his legs.”
When Nejuu’s team rescued him, he could barely walk. Now he’s able to leap and bound around the yard, chasing Dobbie.

After they’re snatched from the wild in Ethiopia and Kenya, many cheetahs end up in Somaliland — and eventually in the hands of smugglers.
 During the journey, many cubs die; a few end up in the hands of rich businessmen and politicians in Somaliland. But countless others are smuggled to the coast, where they are loaded onto small wooden boats and taken to Yemen. Eventually, the ones that survive end up in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where they are sold for thousands of dollars and kept as pets.
“Somaliland, to our knowledge, is one of the worst places for cheetah trafficking,” says Patricia Tricorache, who has been investigating the trade in the Horn of Africa for the Namibia-based Cheetah Conservation Fund.
“We are trying to discuss a strategy to curb the trade, but it will be an uphill battle,” says Patricia. “We want a rescue centre, but before that happens we need to increase awareness among government and law enforcement people, the police, and the environmental people.”
Additional species of animals — gazelles, birds of prey, and caracals, for example — are also trafficked through the country, and sometimes end up in Nejuu’s care. Somaliland’s ineffective institutions and law enforcement mean that Nejuu and her team usually have to operate on very small budgets and with little assistance.
But things are looking up: The current Minister of Environment, Shukri Haji Ismail, has taken the matter to heart and has vowed to stop the wildlife trade.

  In the first months of 2018, she contacted leaders from the police, the judiciary, and the border patrol to announce that her Ministry was leading an anti-wildlife-trafficking campaign, and to ask for their collaboration.
In February, several traffickers were arrested after being found with a car full of live tortoises headed to Mogadishu. The traffickers were handed lengthy sentences, a first in the country’s history. Minister Shukri hopes that cheetah smugglers will be next.

“When you see with your own eyes that a small baby has been taken from its mother and it’s not treated well, and that so many die for no reason, just for money… that really hurts,” she says.

With the Ministry on board, Nejuu’s team is hopeful. More awareness of the problem, coupled with more frequent confiscations and longer sentences for smugglers can help deter people from trading and buying cheetahs.

In the meantime, the government has given them a piece of land a few hours away from Hargeisa, where they are building large enclosures for rescued animals. One is already home to dozens of gazelles, and the other will soon be Dobbie and VP’s expansive, natural new home.

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Somaliland:President Abdi receives Swedish Ambassador to Somalia

Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

HARGEISA—  President Muse Bihi Abdi received Wednesday Swedish Ambassador to Somalia at his Presidential Palace in Hargeisa.
Mr. Abdi shared his view with Ambassador Andreas von Uexküll about the current political and economic developments in Somaliland.
President Abdi also discussed with the Ambassador about the upcoming Parliamentarian elections and developmental programs that the Swedish government finances.
Abdi thanked the Swedish government and her people for their generosity in terms of helping Somali people.
Ambassador Uexküll said in a tweet that his country has launched a new financial instrument with Shuraako and private banks in Hargeisa.
“Excellent meeting with the Somaliland President, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi. Collaboration on many fronts. Regional stability, empowerment of women, reconciliation, economic development, etc.,” said the Ambassador in a separate tweet.

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Why a Somali-Swede is considering moving back to Somalia

أفعل ( أي خير ) في شعبان الخير | د.شهاب ابو زهو



"Beentu lug Yar Oo Takaneeccada Oo Kale ayay Leedahay" Jaamac Shabeel

عاجل.. ترامب يأمر بن سلمان وبن زايد والسيسي بهذا الامر فورا والسعودية توافق

عمران حسين 2018 : السعودية وتركيا صنعهما الدجال و ترامب فعل خدمة

عمران حسين 2018 : السعودية وتركيا صنعهما الدجال و ترامب فعل خدمة

شاهد ردود فعل السعوديين على إيقاف نادي رياضي نسائي في الرياض بسبب حليمة ...


Sierra Leone deploys police officers to help boost Somalia security

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Morocco’s child maids suffer like ‘slaves’


Former Moroccan underage maid Fatima, 17, inside a house in Rabat. There are no official figures on Morocco’s “petites bonnes,” but according to a study commissioned in 2010 by several associations, there were then in Morocco between 66,000 and 80,000 domestic workers under 15 years old. (AFP)
Updated 21 sec ago
  • Morocco had between 66,000 and 80,000 domestic workers aged under 15
  • For Fatima, work begins at 7:00 am and ends late into the night, ‘sometimes 3:00 am’
RABAT: “Even a pet animal is better treated,” sobs 17-year-old Fatima, one of thousands of young girls exploited and too often abused while working as housemaids for unscrupulous employers in Morocco.
She has managed to get to the Annajda help center for battered women in the capital, Rabat.
“I only wanted to help my parents, my family was living in destitution,” murmurs the teenager, who has worked as a household servant for two years.
For the volunteers who offer support, such stories are commonplace despite recent legislation to protect minors from servitude.
Fatima’s parents agreed to let her leave their southern village at the age of 15 to work as a domestic, with the aid of a local intermediary, or “semsar.”
A place was found and she was sent to work with a family in Rabat.
“At first, I was well-treated,” she said. “But gradually, violence became my daily life.
“The mistress used to beat me, insult me, she always had a reason.”
Fatima El Maghnaoui, who runs the Annajda shelter, talks of slavery and says teenage Fatima should be at school.
“It’s a form of slavery, a violation of the right to education and of Morocco’s international commitments,” she said.
There are no official figures on the employment of maids.
But a study carried out in 2010 by non-governmental bodies reported that Morocco had between 66,000 and 80,000 domestic workers aged under 15.
INSAF, an NGO which has campaigned for women’s rights for nearly 20 years, lists “degrading working and living conditions” suffered by the girls, who are usually from the country and illiterate.
Latifa’s story caught public attention recently after the 22-year-old was taken to hospital in Casablanca with third-degree burns and broken bones. She had been a maid since adolescence and long abused by her employer.
INSAF has helped her find shelter.
For Fatima, work began at 7:00 am and ended late into the night, “sometimes 3:00 am,” she says.
“I used to sleep on the terrace in the cold, like a domestic animal.
“I used to eat the scraps and my feet always ached from standing up.”
She was not even paid.
“A salary of 800 dirhams a month (nearly 70 euros, around $85, or a third of the minimum wage) was agreed, but I didn’t get a penny,” she adds.
After the first year she asked for what she was owed, only for the mistress of the house to confiscate her identity papers and forbid any contact with her family.
Caught in a trap, Fatima decided to run away.
“I didn’t know anyone, I had no money and did not even know the address where I was working,” she says.
In the end, a young man who lived nearby helped her get in touch with an aunt and “bring the ordeal to a close.”
Omar Saadoun, who heads INSAF’s program against child labor, says that the fate of maids, such as Fatima, starts with “failure at school in rural settings, poverty and parental ignorance.”
In some areas, “girls are considered inferior to boys and are the first in line to be married off or sent to work as a servant when extra money is needed,” he said.
Long awaited amid years of debate, legislation to protect maids was passed in the summer of 2016. It sets a minimum age of 18 for household work.
The law covers labor contracts, a minimum wage, one day off a week, annual holidays and financial penalties for failure to abide by the rules.
Government has hailed the law as major social progress.
However, it allows another five years for the employment of 16-18 year-olds, much to the annoyance of human rights activists, and there has been little or no assessment of implementation.
“We need a global strategy... the legislation does not bring any guarantees, there is no system for support, rehabilitation, to identify families,” says Saadoun.
“Many maids who are minors do not even know the address of their employer.”
And, noted El Maghnaoui, “work inspectors are not authorized to investigate inside households where abuse can take place far from prying eyes.”
Despite the new legislation, non-government agencies such as INSAF report that girls as young as eight or nine are still being taken on as servants.
After years of servitude, many still bear the scars.
Hayat, now 38, became a maid at the age of nine.
“When I think back today, 30 years after, it’s still just as painful,” she laments.
“I lost my childhood.
“My first employer mistreated me, gave me leftovers to eat. He constantly humiliated me.
“It was exhausting. I did not have the strength needed for housework.”
Today she’s a mother and does “everything to take care of my children so they do not live through the same thing.”

After Philippines work ban, Kuwait turns to Ethiopia for help


Kuwait announced it is seeking to recruit domestic workers from Ethiopia to cover for the workforce shortfall following the ban the Philippines placed on its citizens on working in the country. (Reuters)
 Updated 16 April 2018
Arab News
Kuwait announced it is seeking to recruit domestic workers from Ethiopia to cover for the workforce shortfall following the ban the Philippines placed on its citizens on working in the country, Kuwait Times reported.
The ban followed the murder of a Joanna Demafelis, 29, whose body was discovered in a freezer earlier this year, bearing signs of torture.
Her employers, a Lebanese man and Syrian woman, were sentenced to death last week.
Meanwhile, the Ethiopian ambassador to Kuwait told the newspaper that his government was committed to resending domestic workers to Kuwait, but only once a labor agreement was signed.
Ethiopia wants to ensure that the workers’ rights will be protected while working in Kuwait, Ambassador Abdulaziz Ahmed Adem said.
“Last week we sent the draft copy of the new agreement to the ministry of foreign affairs to be signed by both countries. Once approved, the deployment of workers will resume soon,” he added.
The deal states that the salary of workers should not be less than $400 per month, Ethiopian domestic workers must work no more than 10 hours daily, passports of the workers should be handed to the embassy or preferably retained by the employees and salaries must be deposited in the bank at the end of the month.
Last year, a woman filmed her Ethiopian maid falling from the seventh floor without attempting to save her. Kuwaiti police detained her after the video went viral across the Middle East.

Somali History (Section 2.0 Somali tribes: a brief overview video 2)

Somali History (Section 2.0 Somali tribes: a brief overview video 1)

Clans in Somalia

Vietnamese factory caught producing deadly cheap coffee from used batteries and dust

The Star online




HO CHI MINH CITY: A Vietnamese family-run coffee manufacturer based in Dak Nong province has been caught producing "dirty" coffee from harmful materials like used batteries, dirt and rock dust, daily newspaper Tuoi Tre News reported on Wednesday (April 18).
The facility, owned by Nguyen Thi Loan, was raided by local police and food inspectors on Monday afternoon following tip-offs from residents who were suspicious about the activities being conducted on the premises.
According to authorities, 12 tons of the "dirty'"coffee were seized during the raid.
Some other raw materials used in production were also found. They included 35kg of black powder extracted from used batteries and a bucket of black liquid weighing around 10kg.
The owner told police she would buy rejected coffee beans from other facilities at low prices. The beans would then be ground and mixed with other "ingredients" such as dirt and rock dust. Finally, the mixture would be dyed black.
Loan admitted that her factory has been in operation for years and that she has sold over three tons of her "coffee" on the market this year.
Police have taken samples of the coffee for lab tests, Tuoi Tre News said.
Associate Professor Tran Hong Con, a chemistry expert from the Vietnam National University, said the black substance found in D batteries is a toxic chemical called manganese dioxide.
Manganese dioxide is a highly oxidant compound, and as little as 0.5 milligrams of it mixed in a litre of water is enough to cause manganese poisoning in humans, Prof Con told Tuoi Tre News.
Manganese poisoning, also known as manganism, can cause brain damage after prolonged exposure. It was a condition common among manganese ore miners in the 19th century. The poisoning is irreversible and can lead to hallucinations and death.
Other heavy metals commonly found in batteries such as lead, mercury, zinc, cadmium and arsenic are also extremely toxic; they can damage one's brain, kidney, cardiovascular system and fertility if consumed, Tuoi Tre News said.
Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia are among the world's largest coffee producer.  Vietnam is fast catching up with a reported 2.6 million people in the country employed by coffee manufacturers.
During the 1990s, coffee production across the country grew around 20 to 30 per cent each year, according to Newsweek. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

Philippine maid taken to hospital after Saudi boss ‘made her drink bleach’

The Star online

  • World
  • Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018
SAUDI ARABIA: A Philippine domestic worker has been taken to hospital in Saudi Arabia after her employer allegedly forced her to drink household bleach, Manila’s foreign ministry said on Monday.

Domestic worker Agnes Mancilla underwent emergency abdominal surgery after she was taken, unconscious, to a hospital in Saudi’s southwestern Jizan city on April 2, the ministry said.
“We are working closely with authorities in Jizan to make sure that justice will be given to Agnes Mancilla,” the ministry said in a statement.
The victim is in “serious but stable condition” in hospital and Saudi police have arrested her female employer, who has not been named, it added.
Mancilla had worked in Saudi Arabia since 2016 “but was repeatedly physically abused by her lady employer” who also failed to pay her salary, the statement said, citing Edgar Badajos, the Philippine consul in the Saudi city of Jeddah.
The report is the latest incident of alleged mistreatment of Filipino workers in the Middle East.
In February, allegations of abuse of domestic workers caused a diplomatic flap between the Philippines and Kuwait.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out at Kuwait, where the body of a murdered Filipina maid was found stuffed in a freezer.
He banned Filipinos from going to work in the Gulf state, one of several Middle East countries that host, in total, more than 2 million Filipino workers.
Duterte claimed that Arab employers routinely rape their Filipina workers, force them to work 21 hours a day, and feed them scraps.
Last week Duterte said Kuwait had agreed to his demands to improve the working conditions of Filipinos, following negotiations between the two countries on a labour accord.
One of his key demands is that Filipino workers be allowed to keep their mobile phones and passports – which can be confiscated by employers under current conditions.
Duterte said he would visit Kuwait to witness the signing of the agreement, without giving an exact date. - AFP

Xariga Naciima Qorane Coldoon Ka Hadlay Iyo cali Xaraare Kaftanka Siyaasada

Xildhibaan Muuday Iyo Kheyre Fashilinaya Madaxweyne Farmaajo

مشاهد من افتتاح أول صالة سينما في السعودية

اليوم.. افتتاح أول دار سينما في السعودية - الوطن اليوم

American media wrong on Syria coverage – NYU professor

US, UK & France face backlash following Syria strike

After visiting Douma, western media begin to question ‘gas attack’ narra...

Maareyaha W,Biyaha Oo Shaaciyay Qandaraaska Beeb Dhigida Caasimada Hargeysa

Daawo Haamaha Shidaadka Berbera Oo La Ogaaday In Uu Raysal Wasaaraja Som...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

علماء يصممون أنزيما يلتهم البلاستيك

DEG DEG : Faah faahin Qasaaraha Guud ee dhimasho iyo Dhaawac dagaalkii B...

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DEG DEG : Dagaal hada Muqdisho ka qarxay , Shabaab iyo Dowlada oo caawa ...

UAE to end military support to Somalia

DEG DEG imaaradka o si ay somalia u raali galiyan Somaliland ku Tilmaama...

DEG DEG imaaradka o si ay somalia u raali galiyan Somaliland ku Tilmaama...

Khasaaraha Ka Dhashay Dagaal Ka Dhacay Duleedka Degmada Balcad

Khasaaraha Ka Dhashay Dagaal Ka Dhacay Duleedka Degmada Balcad

DEG DEG imaaradka o markab dagaal muqdisho so dhigtay saaka si ay hantid...

Safiirka Sweden oo Sifeeyay Soomaalida.

wabiga shabeele ee dhexmara beledweyne oo fatahaad ka sameeyay Qaar kami...

Wasiirka Horumarinta Beeraha Somaliland Axmed Muumin Seed Oo Daah Furay ...


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Africa is splitting apart! 'Dabbahu fissure' Ethiopia

Dhul Soomaaliya Ka Mid Ah Baraf ka Daaayo Cabdisalaam Hareeri Dalxiis Ku...

Dalxiis Cusub Oo Laga Hirgaliyay Kenya Iyo Soomaali Bilowday Iney Dalxiisto

Somaliland Oo Beenisay In Hay'addaha Qaramada Midoobay Dalka Ku Jogaan M...

Daawo: Yaa Dan U Ah Somalia | Turkey Iyo Carab?

Somaliland's Dr. Edna Adan Ismail on statehood, healthcare

Wiil Somalia Ah Naag hooyadiis oo kale U guursanaya Hal Arin Nairobi

Mahad Cawad Dagaalkaa Hada Ayuu Bilow Yahay Kheyre Waa Baxaya

Madaxweyne Farmaajo Oo Dagniin Kala Kulmay Boqorka Sucuudiga


بدء أول عرض للسينما في السعودية الأربعاء القادم | الوطن اليوم

Wasiirka Beeraha Oo Gaadhay Magaalada Boorama

بدء أول عرض للسينما في السعودية الأربعاء القادم | الوطن اليوم

Madaxweynayaasha Somaliya

sidee shaqo loo abuuraa-Qeybta 1-aad

Sidee shaqo loo abuuraa qeybtii 2aad Final

How to write Business Plan - Af Soomaali

Double Shot Interview with Ismail Ahmed - CEO, WorldRemit - April 2016

Ismail Ahmed: My Biggest Mistake Was Not Starting My Business Earlier | ...

5 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start In Somalia.

Made In Kenya : Dressing the African woman

Made In Kenya : Dressing the African woman

Kenyan woman starts new clothing line

Kenyan entrepreneur upcycles old clothes into functional bags

Somali Tech Entrepreneur Making Moves

Africa has over 300 tech hubs, Somalia launches its first [Hi-Tech]

Sahra Mooge (18 May) 2018 Hees Wadani Somaliland

DEG DEG : Faah faahin Dilalkii Xalay Muqdisho ka dhacay iyo Imaaraadka o...

Why I'll always like Somalia and Somalis

Revenue collection hits new high in Somalia

Sir Culus : Somalia Oo Xukumi Doonta Afrika 30 Sano Kadib

عضو كونجرس امريكى يفضح فساد الملك سلمان و علاقه محمد بن سلمان الحميمه با...

DEG DEG : Boqor Buur madow oo hada si rasmi ah usoo afjaray Dagaalkii k...





Maxkamadda G Maroodi Jeex Oo Xukun Ku Riday Niciima Abwaan Qorane

تفصيل حول مسألة السمع والطاعة لولاة الامور / الشيخ احمد البدوي 2018

Left Behind: Young Children on Their Own in China

War on Poverty: giving children a road to school

Afghanistan Education: Turkey invests in Afghan education system

Welcome to the South Bronx -- poorest U.S. district

Turkey-Afghanistan Relations: Turkish aid agency builds Afghan orphanage

DEG DEG Ciidanka Jubaland o gacanta ku dhigay dhagar qabihi xaaskisa kis...

Egypt's Slum School: Elemantary school teaches marketable skills

Sunday, April 15, 2018

DEG DEG : Askari hada xaaskiisa Baas ku kala gooyey - Ogow sababta Dilka.

���� ���� Somalia-UAE tensions escalate after plane stopped in Puntland | Al...

DEG DEG Somalia o fahamtay sirtii Carabta sheekadii kalamaan o aad u xii...


Warar Deg-deg ah oo hadda Magaalada Muqdisho ee Somalia ��Live.

هل يشعر الاموات بنا | هل يعرفون اخبارنا | د.عمر عبد الكافي

Somalia ranked sixth happiest African nation

35 year old who lives in 1946 - BBC News


The brothers of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!


BREAKING: Defining Moment for Putin: Stand up to the US / Israel Empire ...

BREAKING: Russia's State TV Instructing Russian Citizens To Start Preppi...

Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News

���� ���� Russia: Syria air defence intercepted 71 missiles | Al Jazeera Eng...

How did Russia response to the airstrikes in Syria?

The War in Syria: US prepared to sustain attacks in Syria

The War in Syria: US prepared to sustain attacks in Syria

Saturday, April 14, 2018

SubhanAllah!!! Amazing Lecture by Sister Yasmin Mogahed *Stand For Justice*

Dalalka Imaaraadka , Sacuudiga iyo Masar oo xiriirka u Jaraya Somalia

Deg Deg Jawaab La Siyay Faysal Cali Waraabe Oo Cayay Hablaha Somaliland ...

Dalalka Imaaraadka , Sacuudiga iyo Masar oo xiriirka u Jaraya Somalia

Somaliland' Saxafiyiintii Shaqada Laga Joojiyey Oo Raali Galin Bixiyey

Laascaanood:-Wasiirka Biyaha Oo Kormeeray Ceelal Biyood

Laascaanood:-Wasiirka Biyaha Oo Kormeeray Ceelal Biyood


Friday, April 13, 2018

Waa inaad Naftaada Wakhti siisaa" Talo Waayeel

Why Inmates Are Converting to Islam | AJ+

After asking Allah for help Nabeel finally found the answers he was look...

Soo dhowaynta culimada Islaamka ee magalada Muqdisho

Culimadii caalamka oo Xadro wadareed Xamar kujabiyay

Mattis: Assad didn't get the message last year

BREAKING: SYRIANGIRL Explains Who Is Behind The Latest "Chemical Attack"...

Turns out, sources reporting on chemical attack in Douma are sponsored b...

Germany, Italy, Netherlands & Canada vow not to strike Syria, call for t...

Will the Russians Sink the USS Donald Cook if America Attacks Syria This...

Will the Russians Sink the USS Donald Cook if America Attacks Syria This...

Russia warns it will protect its people in Syria

Syria: Gov. forces mount defence of Damascus following US-led airstrikes

Thursday, April 12, 2018

عاجل.. نهاية بشار الاسد.. اللهم اجعله عبرة لكل ظالم

Unstable Man Jumps into Zoo’s Lion Exhibit

Dawlada Bahrain Oo U Hanjabtey Somaliya Lana Safatey Imaaraadka

Somaliland Waa in Israel Xafiis kafurataa

Duqa Hargeysa Oo Awood Ku hor Joogsaday Dhismaha Guri Sharciyadiisu U dh...

Sababtii Uu U Yimid Raysal Wasaaraha Itoobiya Jigjiga OO Lasoo Bandhigay

Wendy Mitchell navigates the fog of Alzheimer's




Story of Asifa : Grieving Parents, Personal Loss and Political Mileage

Behind 8-year-old Asifa's Rape And Murder, Story Of A Divided Village

Waxqabadka Wasaarada Caddaalada Somaliland ee120 Maalmood Xukuumada Muus...

Investigators say two suspects in killing of 1-year-old confesssed

Another Yemeni hospital to close down due to Saudi blockade

أيام الله ..... لقاء رائع مع الدكتور محمد راتب النابلسي .... الثلاثاء27-...

سيعطيك الله حتى يرضيك ... ولكن بشرط .. ؟! | تعرف عليه | الشيخ: سعد العتيق

Breast Implants that Lead to “Rare Cancer”

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Childless | Mufti Menk

Sri Lanka's Hardline Monks: Some buddhists blamed for anti-Muslim sentiment

Guutada Wareegta ee ciidanka xooga dalka

ILMO Dhunsan Iyo WAARID Wareersan!!! Sh Abu Dalxa

Downtown Indy knife attack suspect targeted pregnant woman

زوبع يكشف اسرار تصوير سعود الفيصل افلام اباحية لعشيقته

Fault Lines Sri Lanka: Buddhist mobs destroyed Muslim homes, mosques

مراسل الجزيرة يدخل مستشفى حفتر للتأكد من وفاته عالهوا

Around Uganda: Doho floods cut off Butaleja district

Raysal Wasaaraha Cusub Abiy Ahmed oo ka hadlay Arintii DP World EE Somal...

DEG DEG : Jawaari oo hada Xildhibaanada hortooda si rasmi ah isugu casil...

sirta manta

sirta manta

Gudomiyaha Bar.Jawaari oo ka hadlay is casilaadiisa iyo waxii ku kalifay

Subxanallah Daawo live Gabar musqul ku dhex dhacday magalaada hargeysa A...

One Goal: What Somali Refugees Did to Win the Hearts of Their New Neighb...

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