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'We are scared they will send us back': child victims speak out in Britain

Child Slavery
“We’re getting confused, we are scared every night that they will send us back. We cannot sleep,” said Anna (not her real name), a 16-year-old from the Horn of Africa.
For child survivors of slavery who were trafficked to Britain, there is no guarantee that they will find help from the government. Many, like Anna, fear they they will be deported for immigration offenses rather than be treated as a victim of modern slavery.
Speaking to members of parliament on Wednesday, child trafficking survivors spoke out about their need for government to improve support services.
Reuters reports:
Child victims have no legal guarantee of specialist support nor any right to remain in Britain post-trafficking, [but] measures [are] under review amid campaigner concerns about the act.
Many said that the government had no intention of making changes for children like Anna, and called for concrete change – from temporary documentation during the immigration process to language support for legal meetings and educational courses.
One temporary carer of trafficked children – who asked to remain anonymous to protect the young people under her care – recalled a lack of interpreters and a dearth of compassion.
“They’re not seen as children … They are seen as something in the immigration system with no rights and I am ashamed that that’s the way we support young people in this country,” she said, holding back tears.
“There’s not one bit of a young person’s journey where provision is fit for purpose.”
Last year, some 3,137 children suspected of being trafficked were referred to the government. That marked an increase of 48% from 2017 and the highest number on record.
Most child victims were British, though hundreds of others were trafficked from abroad from countries including Albania, Vietnam, and Eritrea.
“The system needs to wake up and get a move on and just apply some common sense really,” said Vernon Coaker, moderator of the event and an opposition member of the British parliament.
“It’s wrong when a system is set up where people have to fight all the time to get what should just happen.”

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Qatar set to abolish ‘kafala’ system in January before 2022 World Cup

Forced LaborLaw & Policy

In a major development, Qatar is set to finally abolish its notorious “kafala” system in January according to an announcement from the International Labour Organization.
The kafala (sponsorship) system is present in many other countries besides Qatar and has long been criticized as an enabler of modern slavery. It ties migrant workers’ immigration status to their employer, meaning that a worker cannot change jobs or even leave the country unless they get approval from their employer, including abusive ones.
“Cabinet has adopted new legislation related to a new law for minimum wage and also a new regulation to facilitate labour transfer to a new employer … and a draft law to abolish exit permits,” Labour Minister Yousuf Mohamed al-Othman Fakhroo told the AFP.
The ILO said that Qatar’s ministers had agreed to end kafala and also introduce “a non-discriminatory minimum wage —the first of its kind in the Middle East. The planned reforms must next pass through the country’s advisory (“shura”) council, before approval by the emir, Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.
The Guardian reports:
Human rights groups have campaigned for years to have kafala abolished across the Gulf, whose countries use millions of low-paid immigrant workers mostly from the Indian subcontinent. Fifa’s decision to locate the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has hugely increased scrutiny, and the Qatar government ultimately responded by signing a formal cooperation with the ILO promising to implement improvements.
Describing the abolition of exit permits and “no-objection certificates” for workers moving jobs as marking “the end of kafala,” the ILO said: “These steps will greatly support the rights of migrant workers, while contributing to a more efficient and productive economy.”
The level of the minimum wage, a key reform given the low pay for migrant workers in Qatar, the world’s richest per-capita country, will be set later this year, the ILO said, and not discriminate between nationalities. Last year the Guardian reported that men working on World Cup stadium construction sites far from their families overseas, and living in “labour camps”, were being paid £40 per week in Qatar.
Speaking to the AFP, King’s College London assistant professor Andreas Krieg said the reforms “were the final step in liberalising the labor market in Qatar.”
“The Qataris feel the pressure from the international media to make changes and they really recognised this since 2017 that they have to make concessions and improvements – and they have.”
If the end of the kafala is realised as hoped, there is still one issue that remains to be resolved. That is the high incidence of fatal heart attacks suffered by migrant workers exposed to oppressive heat and humidity. The Guardian reported on this crisis, finding that previously healthy young men were dying because of heat stress.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Farrakhan In Iran - 'Stand Firm' Documentary

Kenya: "Somaliya Lax ayaan moodeynay ee Yeey ayey nagu noqotay", arrinta...

Toga halista badan ee awbarkhadle

Beesha Galbeedka Ceelafweyn Oo Ka Hadashey Arimo Xaasaasiya

gurmad wanaagsan iyo is garab istaag somalinimo waa astaanta deeqsinimad...

| BREAKING HISTORY | History as G.O.A.T Eliud Kipchoge breaks sub-two ho...

BREAKING: Eliud Kipchoge's statement after beating INEOS 1:59 Challenge

Farriin & Digniin ku Socota Soomaalida Dalka Turkiga.

DEG DEG : Awoodii Farmaajo oo la wiiqay iyo Wararkii ugu dambeeyey Isbah...


Farax Macalim Diyaaradi Ka Dagtay Kismaayo Waxay ku dhawaatay in Turkiga...

Farax Macalim Diyaaradi Ka Dagtay Kismaayo Waxay ku dhawaatay in Turkiga...

Waraysi : Dahir Riyaale Oo Ka Hadlay Arrimo Badan

"Mustacidiin baanu u nahay, inaan Qaranka Kor u soo qaadno" Ardaydii Sha...

Berbera Iyo Hargeysa Oo Qarka U Saaran Inay kala Xidhmaan Iyo Sababta

اردوغان يرد على السيسي: "أنت على الأخص لا يحق لك الكلام أبدا"، بسبب ادان...

فوق السلطة - الأسئلة الصعبة

عاجل عاجل ورطه كبيره للسيسى فى سد النهضة مع اثويوبيا ومصر على مشارف مجاع...

تعرف على ما يدعوك لنصرة هذا الدين | فضيلة الشيخ محمد الحسن الددو - حفظه...

الرحلة الهندية 3 | أول مرة أسمع عن هذا الأستاذ الهندي.. ذو الهمة العالية!!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

عاجل : محمد بن سلمان يفاجئ العالم بهذا الاعتراف بخصوص عبدالعزيز الفغم من...

جرائم الاستعمار الألماني في ناميبيا | وثائقية دي دبليو – وثائقي ناميبيا

عاجل عاجل فضيحة اماراتية سعودية كبيرة وضربات صاعقه خطيييييير

99 من الأشياء التي تحدث فقط في المغرب

أحداث غريبة لو لم يتم تصويرها ما صدقها احد..!!

Rwanda Launches First-Ever 100% Made in Africa Smartphone Called #Maraphone

Cabdi Qaybdiid iyo Madaxwayne Erdogan iyo Qosolka wuxuu ka yidhi Carabta

أحمد الشقيري : قوانين أنزلها الله علينا ايا كان من سيطبقها مسلم او كافر ...

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عاجل عاجل الحراك فى مصر مستمر ضد السيسى ونظامه الشعب لن يتراجع خطيييير

كيف سخر العرب من محاولة عزل ترامب؟

#معتز_مطر يكشف لماذا تم اغتيال حارس #الملك_سلمان #عبد_العزيز_الفغم الذي ...

مبارك يخرج عن صمته ويعترف | السيسي ليس مصري !!

أمر عظيم يحاك ضد أهل مصر ( نبوءة: السيسي والتوراة ، ومدينة الشمس ..!!! )

أمر عظيم يحاك ضد أهل مصر ( نبوءة: السيسي والتوراة ، ومدينة الشمس ..!!! )

عاااجل عاااجل فضيحة مدوية للسيسى تنشرها وسائل الاعلام الاسرائيلية خطيييييير

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How giant African rats are helping uncover deadly land mines in Cambodia

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Mental Health & The UCDSB

Should Students Be Allowed To Take Mental Health Days From School?

Your Health: Mental health and prevalence of suicide in Kenya

Breakthrough: Medical study actually reverses aging

معتز مطر يكشف تفاصيل مملكة الجبل الاصفر وعلاقتها بـ السعودية و صفقة الق...

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Andrew Yang: You know what's expensive? Poisoning our kids

Amanpour presses Mattis: Why didn't you resign when Trump said this?

فيديو لتلميذة من البدون في السعودية يثير غضبا بعد منعها من الالتحاق بمدر...

What's behind South Africa's violence against foreigners? | Inside Story

Panic in Parliament: Corbyn accused of Kremlin ties (Full episode)

هكذا استقبلت الحكومة الماليزية العالم الجليل ذاكر نايك ! وقامت ايضا بتكريمه

لماذا أوجد الله المنغصات في حياتنا !؟ روووعة د. مصطفى محمود Why Allah P...

Watch the incredible rescue attempts in the Bahamas

برنامج زاد الليالي _ بعنوان || حاجتنا إلى سورة البقرة _ مع الشيخ عادل ب...

عاااجل عاااجل ايران توجه ضربة مدوية للولايات المتحده وتبنى تحالف مع روسي...

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قصص ليلية - أغلق عينيك واستمع - الشيخ نبيل العوضي Nabil Al Awadi

عش ما شئت فإنك ميت - كلمات أبكت الجميع - للداعية محمود الحسنات

فرقة الموت التي قتلت أكثر من ١٠٠٠ مصريا" في مجزرتي رابعة والنهضة أين هم ...

ع الحدث - القصة كاملة، حقائق مثيرة عن الشابة اسراء غريب التي اصبحت قصتها...

فتاة تغني على التيك توك في الكعبة !!

شرح العلاج بسورة البقرة من المس و إجابة على أسئلتكم

جنون النسويات ، مشروع الرجل الجديد و عبادة الإله كالي

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Reporter: Here's what Trump's assistant said that got her fired

This farmer lost $400k. See his warning to Trump.

Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This ? Unseen Weather, Free Energy And ...

Population of One: Living Alone in an Abandoned Ghost Town

'You don't have to look black to be black': The complex racial identity ...

Their way of life in the Amazon rainforest may become extinct

10 علامات تدل على أن بيتك محسود إحذر منها

Monday, August 19, 2019

عاااجل عاااجل الامارات تتحدى السعودية مجددا فى اليمن خطيييير جدااا

نَعِيبُ زَمَانَنَا وَالعَيْبُ فِينَا | مضى الصدق وأهل الصدق يا سعد قد مضوا

Kaftanka Siyaasada 168 oo xasaasi ah todobaadkani

Trump says he's not happy with Fox News ... then calls them 'we'

أخطر تصريحات ترامب الجديدة.. لا نحتاج لنفط وغاز دول الخليج وأصبحنا المنت...

شاهد ردود فعل السعوديين بعد ااعـ ـتـ ـداااء شبان على بائعة سعودية في جازان

عاااجل عاااجل العراق تدخل فى الازمه عراقى يزلزل ويلجم الحوثيين بعد الهجم...

���� بعد خسارة صنعاء وعدن.. لماذا جاء التحالف إلى اليمن؟

���� بعد خسارة صنعاء وعدن.. لماذا جاء التحالف إلى اليمن؟

Sunday, August 18, 2019

“Al shabaab Waxaa Sameeyay Muqaabaraadka Dowladaha Carabta Iyo......”Shi...

عاااجل عاااجل سعد الفقيه يعود بقوه و يزلزل عرش محمد بن سلمان بعد انقلاب ...

ما لا تعرفونه عن المشروع الخيالي "نيوم"

���� حقل الشيبة النفطي.. 10 طائرات حوثية تستهدف العمق السعودي����

���� الاتجاه المعاكس - ماذا تبقى للحكومة اليمنية بعد طردها من عدن؟

عااااجل عااااجل غضب شعبى واسع على السعودية والامارات بعد انقلاب عدن الاخ...

Sunday, August 11, 2019

"Coldoon": Maxbuskii Geesiga isku bedeley

بادية المجانين (المزروب)

المياه والكلأ أهم أسباب ترحال بدو كردفان

Protests in Pakistan-administered Kashmir after India's move

Tear gas at Kashmir rally India denies happened - BBC News

Mosquitoes in Florida spreading a rare brain-infecting virus - TomoNews

���� الحكومة الشرعية تصف ما يجري في عدن بالانقلاب

���� ���� ���� التميمي: السعودية سلمت عدن للانفصاليين بمشاركة الإمارات

Court Grants El-Zakzaky Permission To Travel

عمرها 85 عاما.. زهية أكبر جزارة في المدبح: "شقيت علشان أعلم عيالي"

هكذا أضاع الملاكم مايك تايسون ثروته 400 مليون دولار وعاد إلى الفقر !

WARARKA: Natiijada baaritaanka dilki Yariisow, nooca doorashada 2020, Et...


Subxannal Gabar Ey Guurika Ku Heysato Daawo

لأول مرة.. السعودية تقصف القوات الانفصالية المدعومة من الإمارات في جنوب ...

نجاة المسلمين في النرويج من مجزرة مشابهة لما وقع في نيوزيلندا