Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Daawo niman dhacay Timir Abaaraha Loogu Talagaley

Somalia oo a hadashey Markii ugu horeeysay Cunsuriyada Trump

Kenya disappointed as neighbours abandon Amina

Power Breakfast News Review : Amina Tears

وثائقي الجزيرة 2017 - العالم السري لنظام السوري أخطر نظام عالمي!

وثائقي الصحراء الخضراء

لن تقدر ان تمسك دموعك حط بنفسك عنوان للفيديو

موقف سوف تبكي من مشاهده -شاهد وتأثر

"شمكارة": بنكيران هو رئيس البوليس وبغينا نديرو وليدات

Donald Trump - Controlled by the Illuminati? New World Order MUST WATCH


غرف مخيفة سرية وجدت في المنازل

طفل محتجز سنين في شقه مهجوره في ماليزيا تحول لهيكل عظمي

بالجديدة:أحمد يعيش مكبل لأرجل لمدة 15 سنة بكوخ

شاهد كيف تعيش عجوز جزائرية مسنة مسكينة أتحداك ما تدمع عيناك.. جزائر العز...

أغرب حاله في العالم 4معاقات في بيت واحد لايفهمون لايتكلمون ويحبون مؤثرجد...

خط أحمر : الطفلة التي تخرج الشعر من فمها - الجزء الثاني 2 - قناة الشروق

خط أحمر : الطفلة التي تخرج الشعر من فمها - الجزء الثاني 2 - قناة الشروق

خط أحمر : الطفلة التي تخرج الشعر من فمها - الجزء الأول 1 - قناة الشروق

خط أحمر : الطفلة التي تخرج الشعر من فمها - الجزء الأول 1 - قناة الشروق

شاهد صحفي ينفجر بكاءا أثناء تقديمه للنشرة المحلية متأثرا بحالة الشيخ فاق...

عجوز جزائرية قوت يومها من القمامة.......نداء الى أصحاب القلوب الرحيمة

سعيدة (إمرأة الكهوف) 50 سنة رفقة الحيوانات بعيدا عن البشر _ 08 مارس 2015


كمال محمد حسن ابو عبدو من خانيونس ..على قيد الحياة بعد 40 عاما من والاخت...

زين كرزون تتفقد رجل عجوز يعيش لوحده في بيت مهجور.. ( كمال محمد حسن ابو ع...

المنسيون l امرأة تعيش فى كوخ ولا تعرف اسم النبي

KTN Prime: A family is in shock as a buried son shows up alive and well ...

The Man Who Lives Without Money

thinking Humanity.

The man who lives without money

Irishman Mark Boyle tried to live life with no income, no bank balance and no spending. Here's how he finds it.

If someone told me seven years ago, in my final year of a business and economics degree, that I'd now be living without money, I'd have probably choked on my microwaved ready meal.

The plan back then was to get a ‘good' job, make as much money as possible, and buy the stuff that would show society I was successful. For a while I did it – I had a fantastic job managing a big organic food company; had myself a yacht on the harbour.

If it hadn't been for the chance purchase of a video called Gandhi, I'd still be doing it today. Instead, for the last fifteen months, I haven't spent or received a single penny. Zilch.
The change in life path came one evening on the yacht whilst philosophising with a friend over a glass of merlot. Whilst I had been significantly influenced by the Mahatma's quote “be the change you want to see in the world”, I had no idea what that change was up until then.

We began talking about all major issues in the world – environmental destruction, resource wars, factory farms, sweatshop labour – and wondering which of these we would be best devoting our time to. Not that we felt we could make any difference, being two small drops in a highly polluted ocean.

But that evening I had a realisation. These issues weren't as unrelated as I had previously thought – they had a common root cause. I believe the fact that we no longer see the direct repercussions our purchases have on the people, environment and animals they affect is the factor that unites these problems.

The degrees of separation between the consumer and the consumed have increased so much that it now means we're completely unaware of the levels of destruction and suffering embodied in the ‘stuff' we buy.

Very few people actually want to cause suffering to others; most just don't have any idea that they directly are. The tool that has enabled this separation is money, especially in its globalised format.

Take this for an example: if we grew our own food, we wouldn't waste a third of it as we do today.

If we made our own tables and chairs, we wouldn't throw them out the moment we changed the interior décor. If we had to clean our own drinking water, we probably wouldn't shit in it.

So to be the change I wanted to see in the world, it unfortunately meant I was going to have to give up money, which I decided to do for a year initially. So I made a list of the basics I'd need to survive. I adore food, so it was at the top. There are four legs to the food-for-free table: foraging wild food, growing your own, bartering and using waste grub, of which there far too much.

On my first day I fed 150 people a three course meal with waste and foraged food. Most of the year I ate my own crops though and waste only made up about five per cent my diet. I cooked outside – rain or shine – on a rocket stove.

Next up was shelter. So I got myself a caravan from Freecycle, parked it on an organic farm I was volunteering with, and kitted it out to be off the electricity grid. I'd use wood I either coppiced or scavenged to heat my humble abode in a wood burner made from an old gas bottle, and I had a compost loo to make ‘humanure' for my veggies.

I bathed in a river, and for toothpaste I used washed up cuttlefish bone with wild fennel seeds, an oddity for a vegan. For loo roll I'd relieve the local newsagents of its papers (I once wiped my arse with a story about myself); it wasn't double quilted but it quickly became normal. To get around I had a bike and trailer, and the 55 km commute to the city doubled up as my gym subscription. For lighting I'd use beeswax candles.

Many people label me an anti-capitalist. Whilst I do believe capitalism is fundamentally flawed, requiring infinite growth on a finite planet, I am not anti anything. I am pro-nature, pro-community and pro-happiness. And that's the thing I don't get – if all this consumerism and environmental destruction brought happiness, it would make some sense. But all the key indicators of unhappiness – depression, crime, mental illness, obesity, suicide and so on are on the increase. More money it seems, does not equate to more happiness.

Ironically, I have found this year to be the happiest of my life. I've more friends in my community than ever, I haven't been ill since I began, and I've never been fitter. I've found that friendship, not money, is real security. That most western poverty is spiritual. And that independence is really interdependence.

Could we all live like this tomorrow? No. It would be a catastrophe, we are too addicted to both it and cheap energy, and have managed to build an entire global infrastructure around the abundance of both. But if we devolved decision making and re-localised down to communities of no larger than 150 people, then why not? For over 90 per cent of our time on this planet, a period when we lived much more ecologically, we lived without money. Now we are the only species to use it, probably because we are the species most out of touch with nature.

People now often ask me what is missing compared to my old world of lucre and business. Stress. Traffic-jams. Bank statements. Utility bills. Oh yeah, and the odd pint of organic ale with my mates down the local.

Source: World Observer Online


ساحة حوار 30 1 2017

أخبار عربية - إستهداف قاعدة اليمن .. تعزيز لحكومته الشرعية

إن لله ملائكة يطوفون في الطرق يلتمسون أهل الذكر_ الدكتور محمد راتب النابلسي

Kenneth holds meeting with Jubilee aspirants in Nairobi

Opposition leaders in cricial meeting over presidential candidatate

قس أسود يتجاهل دونالد ترامب !

خطير جداً : إدانة جورج بوش بتفجير برجي التجارة في أمريكا بالأدلة القاطعة...

Boston Mayor: Trump decree doesn't make sense

Sanctuary City Mayor VOWS To Defy Trump AT Every Opportunity

Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump Tries to Defend Travel Ban "A Lot Of Bad Dudes Out There"..Just No...

Rep Hakeem Jeffries Speaks On The Immigration Travel Ban

New York attorney general on how he's fighting Trump's travel ban

Trump Fires Acting Attorney General For Refusing to Enforce Travel Ban ...

Sally Yates orders Justice Department Not To Defend Trump's Travel ban

White House to dissident diplomats: 'get with the program or go'

Diyaarado Joogo Goose in duulaya Iyo Ciidamo alshabab ah oo lagu arkey A...

Hidde iyo Hal Xidhaale Haasaawaha & Guurka Abwaan Muuse Cali Faruur Qayb...


Melania Trump Is Being Abused By Donald Trump (PROOF)

Trump Humiliated After ‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’ Explains Why He Is An ...

Former CIA deputy director says travel ban will make America "less safe"

شاهد كيف كانت نهاية اخطر السحرة في تاريخ السعودية و كيف اذهلوا الشرطة

Daawo Silsiladii Caan baxday ee Guba, FULL.

Deg Deg Banaanbax xoogan oo ka socda Gobolada somalida dagta ee Mareykan...

Dood Xiiso badan, Faragalinta Ethiopia & Kenya ee Doorashada Somalia


Zinada Iyo Xumaanteeda | Sheekh Abubakar Xoosh


الجوهرة بنت الملك فهد تهاجم الشعب السعودي

غانم الدوسري يجري مقابلة خاصة مع الملك سلمان

الملك سلمان يقتل ابنه الغير شرعي عبدالله

Somaliland - Changing the odds

Somaliland: Sheikh Technical Veterinary School - Terra Nuova

Livestock, life and livelihoods among women and men in East Africa

The Japanese Bullet Train Engineering Connections - BBC Documentary

Breeding Dairy Goats

Old and rare breeds of cattle, horse, goat, sheep, pig, chicken, turkey ...

Improving African Livestock with Reproductive Technologies and Genomics

Livestock Under Threat: Managing the Future of Native West African Rumin...

DHAGEYSO:-Sheekh Aadan Sunne oo Ka Hadlay Dhibaatada Ka Jirta Xabsiyada ...

DEG DEG: Dambiilayaashii Gabadha Kufsaday oo maanta abaalkooda la mariye...

Taliska Police ka Baledwayne oo si Tiiranyo leh uga hadley Sargaal lagu ...


Deg Deg Wiilashii kufsiga geystay oo Xukuno xabsi dheer iyo karbaash lag...

Deg Deg Gabar somali loo diiday iney gasho mareykanka iyo falanqeynta xu...

Mwiki couple wed on Ksh100 budget

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Al-Shabaab oo Baahisay Wareysiga Ninkii isku Qarxiyey Hotel Dayax

Daawo Sidu Udhacay Dagaalki Dhexmaray Ciidamada Sland& ciidamada New boo...

Daawo Ciidamada Police ka Somaliland oo Gacanta Kudhigay Rashin Qarsoodiya

Daawo Somaliland oo Gacanta Kudhigtay Koox Liyu Police ah iyo Maamulka W...

Sunday Scrum: Canada reacts to Trump's immigration ban

US service member killed in raid

Daawo: Ilays Tv 28 Jan 2017 "Wararkii Udambeeyey Xaalada Qasan ee Ethiopia"

438 Days Imprisoned in Ethiopia,Wariye Martin Schibbye

HANOOLAATO: Jaaliyadda Soomaalida OGADEN oo Baarlamanka UK ku casuntay M...

HANOOLAATO Somalia waxay u baahantahay badbaado qaran


أول قرار من ترامب تجاه 7 دول اسلامية يمنعهم من دخول أمريكا! (ترامب يشعل ...

Mo Farax oo si xun u Af lagaadeeyay Trump kadib Tarxiilkii qoxootiga som...

Yaa ku haboon xiligaan in uu noqdo madaxweynaha Soomaaliya RA'YIGA DADWE...

Kingdom Come or Kingdom Gone? Saudi Arabia and the Future of the Middle ...

Why This Saudi Prince Is Known as 'Mr. Everything'

Saudi Arabia Disrespect for Islam

Zionist Saudi Royal Family Completely Exposed Must Watch

Saudi King Abdullah and his thirty wives speaks out 1 FIRS EXCLUSIVE ...

King Abdullah EXPOSED

Former Saudi Princess Exposes the Royal Family

الزلزال لحظة بلحظة مباشرة على الكاميرا

Ciidanka Policka Puntland oo Gacanta Ku dhigtey Gaadhi ay ka buuxan

شاهد الزلزال لحظة بلحظة بالصوت والصورة وكأنك حاضر معاهم!! (الله يعافينا)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

REVEALED: Melania Trump's gift to Michelle Obama

Donald Trump's uncomfortable comments about his daughter Ivanka 10:12:16

SHOCK: Donald Trump Obsessed with Daughter's Body, Would Have Sex With Her

5 Dirty SECRETS Melania Trump Doesn't Want You To Know!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Melania Trump

You Can See the Moment When Trump Crushes Melania's Soul

شبكة سرية للمخابرات الأمريكية: علي جمعة.. عمرو خالد.. الحبيب الجفري.. إس...

عاجل و .خطير جدا ..اسرائيل في قولها ...الجزائر يجب ان تدمر سنة 2017

قناة مصرية تشرح لماذا تخاف إسرائيل من الجزائر

القبض على جواسيس للموساد يثير الاستنكار في الجزائر

هام جدا شاهد كيف ستنتهي الحرب في الشام كما اخبرنا النبي محمد (ص )

الجزائر القبض على خلية تجسس للموساد الاسرائيلي

Daawo Sirta Mustaqbalka Ethiopia Ka Leedahay Soomaaliya Iyo Hurdada Soo...

الفيديو لا يتجاوز دقيقتان ولكنه اروع فيديو ع اليوتيوب يستحق المشاهدة

الحديث القُدسي يخرج في آخر الزمان رجل للدكتور محمد راتب النابلسي

يخرج في آخر الزمان قوم .....

Is Suicide Allowed in Islam?

Understanding Islam

- Articles on Topical Issues to understand Islam
These days more and more Muslims are committing suicide as a form of terrorism, therefore ‘is suicide allowed in Islam?
There is no place for terrorism in Islam and that suicide bombings are a flagrant contradiction of the Quranic injunctions. We will now further explain this.
The practice of suicide bombing is seen in many parts of the world and attempts have been made to legitimise such conduct. A careful study of the sources of Islam shows that there is no basis for such action and that these tactics are absolutely out of the question for true followers of Islam. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran
– And kill not your own selves. Surely Allah is Merciful to you. (Ch. 4.- v. 30)
– …and cast not yourselves into ruin with your own hands… (Ch. 2.- v.196)
– Islam strictly forbids the killing of innocent, non-aggressive people: no hostility is allowed except against the aggressors. (Ch. 2.- v.194)
These three verses alone should have been sufficient to prevent Muslims from crashing airplanes into buildings or from sending suicide bombers to blow up innocent civilians. So why do they do it? Unfortunately, the Muslims are encouraged to do these unIslamic acts through the promise that if they do it; then they will be regarded by Allah as being martyrs and will go straight to Heaven. But this is a false promise and such acts will only lead a person to Hell. We see an example of this in the Ahadith.
Abu Hurairah has narrated that the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be on him, said: “Whoever strangles himself strangles himself into fire, and whoever stabs himself with, a spear stabs himself into fire.” (Bukhari)
Furthermore, when such acts are committed, innocent people are killed. The Holy Quran teaches us in Chapter 5, Verse 33
Whosoever killed a person – unless it be for killing a person or for creating disorder in the land – it shall be as if he had killed all mankind
Explaining this verse, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said:
A person who kills a person unfairly or who kills someone who had neither rebelled nor became a source of violating peace amongst the people nor created disorder in the land, it is as if he has killed the whole of mankind. In other words to kill a person without any cause is, according to God Almighty, like the murder of the entire humanrace. It is obvious from this verse, how big a sin it is to take the life of another person without reason.” (Lecture Chashma-e-Ma’rifat p23-24)
Therefore whoever commits suicide or any form of terrorism which takes innocent lives is totally against the teachings of Islam.

Read more: http://free-islamic-course.org/articles-on-topical-issues/is-suicide-allowed-in-islam.html

In France, we respect election results – Marine Le Pen on anti-Trump pro...


Al Jazeera English HD Live Stream.

The ethnicity tag | DanisNoor

رؤساء تم الاعتداء عليهم وضربهم علي الهواء مباشرة شاهد !!!

سياسين فقدوا عقولهم وجن جنونهم علي الهواء مباشرة

10 Ridiculous Facts About North Korea

Kheyraadka Biyaha #1

Sakariye: Rajada Soomaaliya - Future of Somalia


Friday, January 27, 2017

CAJIIB : Reer Muqdisho oo bahdil iyo jees jees ku bilaabay Somalidii Mar...

Masuuliyiin caan ah oo ka dhex qaraabanaya Gabdhaha yar yar ee Sanadkaan...

السيسي يهدد شيخ الأزهر / استقل وإلا ضاقت عليك الأرض بما رحبت

Shirkada Telesom oo Aqbashay Go,aanka Xukkumada Somaliland

احمد كريمة ينقلب على السيسى لمنعه الطلاق الشفهى السيسى علمانى يتجرأ على ...

ابناء ملك السعودية عجم يحكمون ارض الحجاز

اوباما لترامب لا تعبث مع السعودية او مع الملك سلمان و الا!!؟؟

Donald Trump Signs Extreme Vetting' of Refugees Law #MuslimBan & Trump's...

Galmudug oo sheegay in la iibsaday mucaawinadii turkigu soo siiyey Galmudug


NAIROBI NEWS BULLETIN: KDF attacked in their camp in Kulbiyow

Wararkii Ugu Danbeeyay ee dagaalkii Kulbiyow lasoco tirada dhimatay

Gurmad Kismaayo Ka baxey oo kulbiyow gaadhey

Gabar Wadaadad Ah Oo Si Diini ah Uga Hadashay Kufsiga Gabadha Goldogob

تدهور أوضاع 40 ألف طفل في دير الزور

هل سيبقى مع ابنه اليتيم ام مع زوجاته؟؟ مشهد جد مؤثر

شاهدو ماذا فعلت البؤة عندما جائت لتفترس صغير الجاموس سبحان الله ..جودة ع...

شاهدو ماذا فعلت البؤة عندما جائت لتفترس صغير الجاموس سبحان الله ..جودة ع...

خطييير سيدة جميلة توفيت يوم زفافها والسبب غريب جدا !!!!!

خطييير سيدة جميلة توفيت يوم زفافها والسبب غريب جدا !!!!!

Voter Fraud FOUND In Trump's White House

Journalism A Felony Under Trump Regime

HANOOLAATO 27 04 2016 Waalida maleysku nacaa ?

Belarusian Woman Converts to Islam New Belarus

السبب العلمي والنفسي وراء تخلف العرب .. حينما تتحول خطبة الجمعة الى درس ...

شاهد ماذا قال الشيخ سلمان العوده قبل وفاة زوجته وابنه بساعات قليلة .. مؤ...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

While Searching for God I Decided Never to Become a Muslim | Salahadeen'...

White people need to pay for everything, now go get your charge card!

Afghanistan’s Capital Sees Improvements in Urban Transport

TANZANIA: Rapid Bus Transit System saves Time and Money

Rais Magufuli akiendesha basi la Mwendokasi baada ya Kuzindua

Ubungo Mpya inayokuja chini ya Rais Magufuli hii hapa

Jicho Pevu Reveals :" How NIS is Being Used to Rig General Elections in...





Surgeons Remove 3 Yr Old Girl’s Giant Facial Tumor

DEG DEG : Al Shabaab oo si jees jees ah u sheegatay Qaraxii lagu hoobtay...

DAAWO: Sida la Yaabka leh ee uu udhacay Qaraxii 2aad ee Hotel Dayax

DEG DEG Deb xoogan oo ka kacay -Xarun ku dhegan Hotelka dayax mogadishu ...


Blackwater Contractors Driving Over Iraqi Woman

مذيعة على قناة الجزيرة تتكلم الامازيغية بكل حرية

الدولة الاسلامية تمنع المصلين من صلاه العيد العيد بمنطقة السيجومي 1 شوال...

عندما كنا عظماء .. تعرف على علماء العرب وماذا قدموا للبشرية ؟

amr khaled parle des amazigh

العرق البربري الأمازيغي

من هو الامازيغي الحقيقي؟

يا من تجهل من هم البربر و الأمازيغ هذا الفيديو يوضح ذالك :) أنشرها لتعم ...

شاهد ماذا قال هتلر عن الأمازيغ؟

خطير جدا : مؤرخة مصرية تكشف حقيقة الأمازيغ و العرب و الإسلام

أم طلبت من محسنين تسديد اجار البيت لكن رزقها الله بقصر شوفوا فرحتها


لماذا تم تبيت هذة السيارة بالاسمنت ،، شاهد أعظم اختراعات الانسان اليمني ...

الحاجة أمنة ، اول سائقة سيارة اجرة في اليمن

فتاة اسرائيلية تصدم الجمهور بجمالها فيصدمها ذاكر نايك بكلام يجعلها تسلم ...

رجل يمني تزوج بثلاثين امرأه كيف سوى ماني داري ههههههه

African Migrants don't appreciate a damn thing! Users from Hell!

The Dark reality of the Migrant Scam! The world should watch!

Notorious Blackwater founder; I can solve Migrant Crisis Quickly! The Tr...

Immigrants Invade Italy, The Italians know how to solve the problem!

DEG DEG : Soomaalidii ugu badneyd oo laga soo Tarxiilay dalka Mareykanka...

US - President Donald Trump signs executive order to start border wall c...

HANOOLAATO Ma jirtaa cid matasha shacabka Soomaaliyeed



Qisada nin kamid ahaa ragii dilay Yasmin Maxamed Ali Americo

Shabaab oo fagaare ku toogtay saddex nin

الشروق تحقق : تجارة السحر و الشعودة في الجزائر ... ربط المراة الرجل لكي ...

Daawo: Qasaare Badan Oo Ka Dhacay Qaraxii Muqdisho Ee Maanta !!

[BREAKING NEWS] Somalia: Al-Shabab attack at Mogadishu hotel 'kills 28'

DEG DEG : SH Kenyaawi oo xukun dil ah ku riday wiilashii gabadhi yared k...

Fariin culus Tahriibayal Ku XidhXidhan Xabsiyada Wadanka Libya Ay So Di...

Daawo Tahriibayaal Oo Dumarkii La Fuulayo Raggiina La Dilayo flv

TAHRIIBKA:magafe oo somali hilibkooda kuj arjaray jarjaray libya oo laqa...

Bandhigga Baraarujiye - Tahriibka

daawo somali kudhibaataysan, LIIBIYA,Tv exbanaadir.com