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Daawada Murugada ۞ Sh. Mustafe Xaaji Ismaaciil |

Daawada Murugada ۞ Sh. Mustafe Xaaji Ismaaciil |

Homegrown play cancelled by the National Youth Theathre

Refugee horror: Lorry full of dead bodies found on highway in Austria

Refugee crisis: 71 found dead in truck

بعد اسبوع فقط العاهل السعودي يقطع عطلته جنوب فرنسا ويستكملها في طنجة

KTN Prime Full Bulletin 30th Aug. 2015

Lives in Ruin: Police arrest 40 youth as drug dens clean up continues in...

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مؤتمر لجمعية الدفاع عن مسلمي الروهينغيا

ساعة صباح.. عمل النساء بمهن الرجال هل هو تحدي للعادات والتقاليد.. أم اس...

War Bixin Caruurta Somaaliyeed ee Jeelasha ku jirta

90 دقيقة : اكتشاف 9 جرام من مخدر الحشيش مع دبلوماسى قطرى فى مطار القاهرة .

Met experts warn of massive El Nino in October

This is happening to MUSLIM LADIES at Diamond Mall located on Tom Mboya street, SHAME!

A Muslim lady named Muna A Aden, is angered by the poor treatment she received at Diamond Mall located along Tom Mboya Street, after she went shopping dressed in a hijab only to be mistaken for a terrorist.
Below is what she had to say;

Muslim woman
Muna A Aden
 I am a disappointed Kenyan today. I am a livid Muslim And I shall tell you Why.
I walked into the dark blue windowed Diamond mall on Tom Mboya Street at half past noon today, upon which I was immediately accosted by a security guard who opened and searched my handbag thoroughly. At that point, It did not elude me that the 2 ladies behind me just walked past the guard to climb the stairs to the stalls on first floor. They both carried bags the same size as mine. It was also not lost on me that throughout the ten minutes that I later stood in front of a particular shop the guard did not go through any other ladies bags. I lie not.
I’m used to this. It is normal in Kenya today for a Muslim woman in full Hijab to be singled out like this and so I let it pass. I called the owner of the shop. She is one of the new generation business ladies with a popular Facebook page advertising maxi skirts .My favourite .She was running late and requested me to wait outside her shop which was directly below the stairs for a few minutes. And thus I stood in front of her shop, less than 50 cm from the guard who had just gone through my bag.
And that’s when She came , “Madam , why are you standing here? “ Turning to the guard “Why are you allowing her to stand here? Mbona unacompromise security yetu? Have you searched her? I was taken aback at how blunt she was. No sugar coating , nothing. I mean she could have spoken in her mother tongue to him , which I now know he understood. She was an elderly woman , and so I chose to indulge her . “”Ma’am, why me of all this people waiting around?, I am waiting for someone just like them ,What’s special about me?” .Her Reply, I still wonder why it surprised me. “Because of your clothes! We can never be sure with people like you and we have a right to question you!“. I was getting angry. “And I have a right not to reply “. “No you don’t!, you must answer when we ask you “.The guard was meanwhile trying to explain that I was clear and waiting for someone ,upon which she walked away ,but not before several other ladies appeared from the stalls near the entrance
They Surrounded me, shouting. The guard stepped infront of me. One in Particular, who had emerged from the stall to the right hand side of the stairs , clad in a spaghetti top and a mini skirt was the loudest . “We shall ask you and you shall answer humbly, how do we know you are not carrying grenades in that bag? and we shall leave you alone only when you start dressing like a person “. “ My throat stung tasting the stupidity in her words . ”I agree, you are definitely more of a person in your mini. Please go back to your stall.” “Look at this al-Shabab , I swear if it was not for the soldier standing in front of you ,tungekustrip hiyo hijab ,tukutoe nje .” I don’t know how it happened but I found myself in front of her ,the guard now behind me ,daring her to touch any part of my attire. The nerve of the woman! She actually moved towards me but stopped just before the guard came in between us again. She had perhaps expected me to step back which I didn’t or expected the rest to join her, which they didn’t. She stepped back.
Just then the owner of the shop arrived and she was ever apologetic .”Dont mind them, they will not harm you ,It is because of your clothing that they are behaving like this “.I gave up. Sometimes, even I fail at replies .We were now inside her shop ,with the other ladies still yelling that she should not protect me just because I was her customer. We closed the door. I walked out a few minutes later and they escorted me with expletives.
Where do I even start? I could go on about the cliché that not all Muslims are terrorists ,that every person has their dress of choice ,(never mind the deliberate indecendency of some, it is all good as long as it is in the name of freedom),that terrorists are just deranged psychos who kill in the name of whatever religion and so on and so forth, but I shall not. If you do not know all this by now ,It is your affair ,Go educate yourself. Aaaah, the hypocrisy of it all! So it is ok for you to wear a miniskirt, run in the streets shouting my dress my choice, to turn around weeks later and shout at a Hijab wearer to dress like a person next time she enters a mall if she does not wish to have her Hijab str!pp3d?
Mine is just to state, that for any individual who thinks it is Ok to harass me because of my dress ,they had best believe It is on. It is on until we get to the police station,and at the Station it will still be on and even after we leave the station ,it might still be on. I will not be boxed into the current guilt box all Muslims are expected to fit in when it comes to terrorism. I will not apologise for terrorists and I will not publicly condemn them any more than the average Kenyan because i am not one of them .Period. Therefore next time someone asks me why I am sitted or standing somewhere , they had better inquire with those doing the same next to me before they expect a sensible answer .Before any guard demands to go through my belongings ,he had better have gone through the belongings of the person before me. Why? Because I am not a second class citizen. Simple.
Silence on this and other such incidents would mean accepting and propagating baseless acts of discrimination and Islamophobia .I Refuse to do that .So for anyone who thinks the above should not have happened ,share this and let it be known that malls such as Diamond Mall and the like who disrespect and humiliate customers on the basis of their choice of dress shall be boycotted and entirely avoided.
#‎BoycottDiamondMall# ‪#‎HIjabMydressmychoice#
By Muna A Aden.

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Fake Muslim Preacher Omar Bakri Busted as Mossad Mole – Tied to Woolwich


Other Hoaxes — 31 May 2013
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Fake Muslim Preacher Omar Bakri Busted as Mossad Mole
Muslim impostor and Zionist asset, Omar Bakri aka Fustuk, has, once again, revealed himself as what he truly is, a filthy Israeli Jew–and not just any Israeli mole but one directly tied to the Woolwich scam. Posing as a puffed-out Muslim preacher, in fact, Bakri is a Syrian Jew whose entire purpose is to wage war against Islaam for his Zionist handlers. Fully capable in English, he attempts to disguise himself with his fake “broken English Arabic-style” accent.  A fraudster to the extreme Bakri’s purpose is to create the platform for the demonization of Islaam and draw untoward attention to it, all unfavorable and derogatory, so that the Zionist crimes go unanswered.
Only the Jews perpetrate this act of posing as the preachers of other faiths, whether Islamic, Christian, Catholic, or otherwise. Routinely, Israeli Jews disguise themselves as Muslim preachers or teachers in order to foment plots against Islaam. Consider this example, one where extremist, fundamentalist Jews were caught,  a rare event; read carefully through the lines, while the news media still attempts to disguise them–they weren’t Afghans or anyone else nor Iranian Jews but Israeli moles from the West Bank:
On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. “But we realised that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go,” said an intelligence official. They had planned to attend an Islamic convention near Dhaka, but Bangladesh refused them visa. Later, seemingly under Israeli pressure, India allowed them to fly to Tel Aviv.
Where’s the catch? The secret circular that warned of a possible hijack
“They had landing permits at Dhaka, but that’s not visa,” said a diplomat in the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi. “We decided not to entertain them anymore because we cannot take chances.”
The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. They had secured landing permits for Dhaka and one-way tickets on Bangladesh Biman’s Calcutta-Delhi route through a Delhi-based travel agency.
“We have a right to deny travel facility to a passenger even if he has a valid ticket on security grounds,” said a Bangladeshi Biman official who did not want to be named. To the Bangladesh Biman officials the eleven, who were all Muslims, appeared “too murky”.
Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. “They are surely Muslims; they say that they have been on tabligh (preaching Islam) in India for two months. But they are Israeli nationals from the West Bank,” said a Central Intelligence official.
Bakri is fooling no one. Despite his cloak and disguise he knows nothing about Islaam and, rather, invents dictums out of thin air, even fabricating statements from the Qur’aan which don’t even exist, such as the claim that it says all Muslims upon reaching age 15 must receive military training to prepare for jihaad, a statement nowhere to be found.
There is no doubt about the fact that Bakri is a Zionist agent. He seeks to create great chaos among the faithful and is particularly emphatic about creating divisions of hate and suspicion in Western countries regarding Muslims. His goal: to create a continuous war between Islaam and Christianity. Muslims, in fact, all people must beware of him. He is the first line of support for European Jewry when it has as its aim the demonization of Islaam.
How is it that virtually Bakri alone, along with fellow Zionist mole Anjem Choudary, has full access to the Zionist media cabal, whose agents seek him out with recklass abaondon regarding any such event–any public terror act–such as the London tube bombings, 9-11, or the Woolwich inanity? The same people who perpetrate these acts, Zionist Jews, seek both Choudary and Bakri for interview platforms? Does that not explain their real nature?
The behavior of a devout Muslim? It’s reminiscent of the ludicrous stories told by the Zionist-controlled press about the supposed Muslim lap-dance attendees and drunks, the ones that partied before the fake hijackings.
Little needs to be done to reveal this man for what he really is, which is a secretive Zionist agent posing as a Muslim. It is all in his eyes and the nature of his words–and how he says it. He is a spy working for the great satanic ones, which is obvious from the plots and schemes he perpetrates. Yet, even so, it is the Jew Bakri, false preacher, who virtually alone stands out as endorsing murderous acts committed by fellow Zionist henchmen such as 9-11 and the London bombings, while calling the feeble false flag act of Woolwich, naming the arch-agent, Adebolaja, as “incredible.”
See this Zionist Jew in action in the following video:

Transcription of the impostor’s interview, the London Telegraph:
Michael was very quiet man. Very shy. Eh, he used to listen more that to, to speak. But he was a firm and courage. And I think, uh, after I saw footage brother Mujahid, the man he showed he was so firm on what he stands (for), really, to what he did, saying really to the whole world,

Caption: the Jew Fustuk aka Bakri has all the supposed appearances of a Middle Eastern ‘cleric,’ with the beard, robe, and flags with Arabic script
“You see, I carried this attack as revenge  for my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world,” and he believe he attack military targets; he attacked…British soldier. He not attack civilian. He attack British soldiers. And the man, really, he did it, and he knows he’s going to be arrested or be killed.

That why he spoke out freely to the public: and is incredible.
Anyway, I think that is a message from Mujahid, who is really saying to the whole world that is as long as you are at war with Islam and Muslims there will be Muslims there to revenge.
Editor’s note: incredible as it is, this is the language of a Jew rather than a Muslim; yet, people freely attribute this to Islaam. They know nothing about this grand faith. How could they? It is continuously undermined through lies.

End of interview by ITN productions and the Zionist-owned Telegraph
Throughout his ‘interview’ Fustuk aka Bakri speaks of revenge. Is Woolwich Bakri’s and Adebolajo’s revenge against the failed false flag attempts of Sandy Hook and Boston? People who know Adebolajo have been in touch with this site. While it is unconfirmed, the information is that he was exceedingly distraught when his best friend–a non-Muslim man–died during the invasion and occupation of Basra. Is, then, this the kind of revenge of which this Jew impostor speaks, a vengeance against Islaam by Adebolaja? That would surely be substantiated by his malicious protesting about this being an Islaamic act.
Bakri is a Jew, not a Muslim, as is demonstrated by his face, words, schemes, and actions:

A Jew, not a Muslim, an important distinction to make. This would make it clear that the Woolwich duo are Zionists assets.

No small player, the Jew Bakri works close with the high agents of Western governments, supporting and facilitating precisely the same plots–that is plots that lead to the mass murder of Muslims:

Both Hollande and Bakri support the destabilization efforts in the clandestine war against the Syrian government. Then, too, since Adebolajo is a close cohort of Bakri, isn’t it reasonable to presume that he works for the same masters? Now, through this Zionist inspired effort of arming, training, and supplying the so-called Free Syria Army some 30,000 Syrians have been brutally slaughter, a murder specifically endorsed and, apparently, coordinated by Bakri.
A coordination that involves actual Mossad moles on the ground, Israeli Jews, once again posing as Muslim freedom fighters in a clandestine hit coordinated by this satanic one:
Caption: an Israeli Jew posing as a Syrian freedom fighter in a PressTV interview involving Bakri.
An inciter of hate speech, just like Bakri: What does it mean? It means that Adebolajo is also a Zionist asset, working for the other side, also posing falsely as a Muslim. See this inciter of hate and disruption in action, here:
Holding forth: Adebolajo at the rally on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north London

His protestations are not found believable and, rather, are highly suspect. Why the screaming and ranting, when the Prophet of Islaam, God rest him in peace, said “Do not be extremists” in matters of faith.
The extremist (Jew in disguise) preacher described Michael Adebolajo, one of the men alleged to have been involved in the killing of a young soldier in Woolwich on Wednesday, as a “very quiet, very shy man.”

Omar Bakri founded the Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun, with which Adebolajo is believed to have been associated.
Mr Bakri said that Adebolajo had openly acknowledged his actions and that he was sending a message to the world that “as long as you are at war with Islam and Muslims, there will always be Muslims to [exact] revenge.
Adebolago, it appears, has been working for the Zionists all along, just like Omar the Jew Bakri and his collaborator, Zionist mole Anjem Choudray. Therefore, here, an entire Mossad cell is hereby busted.

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Muslims avoiding extremism Islam calls to the middle way

The Fallout Over University Of Illinois Censorship Of War On Gaza Continues

The university continues to face major backlash for terminating a tenured professor over Twitter posts he made which were critical of Israel.

Phyllis M. Wise resigned as chancellor of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the wake of a judge's decision to continue a freedom of speech suit against the university.
Phyllis M. Wise resigned as chancellor of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the wake of a judge’s decision to continue a freedom of speech suit against the university.
Originally published at Shadow Proof.
The chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), who was involved in firing Professor Steven Salaita over tweets he sent about Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza, has announced her resignation yesterday. The announcement comes as a federal judge refused to dismiss Salaita’s lawsuit against the university for violating his free speech.
Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise cited “external issues,” which have “arisen over the past year” and “distracted” the university from “important tasks at hand,” as reason for leaving the chancellor’s position. By “external issues,” Wise was referring to a major backlash against the university for improperly terminating Salaita when he had a tenured position with the university.
Salaita sued the university in September for allegedly violating his First Amendment free speech rights, depriving him of “procedural due process rights,” conspiring to deprive him of his job, breaching his contract, interfering with Salaita’s contractual and business relations, and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on him.
He also filed a claim against Wise for destroying a two-page memo containing evidence on why he was fired.
UIUC hired Salaita to teach two courses in the American Indian Studies Department as an associate professor. He signed a document accepting the position on October 9, 2013, and UIUC assigned him to courses for the 2014 fall semester, assigned him to an office, and gave him a university email address. Salaita resigned from his job at Virginia Tech and started to move his family to Illinois.
About this time, Israel intensified a military operation against Gaza. Salaita angrily reacted to what was unfolding, and, initially, the university defended Salaita as his tweets received media attention. The university touted a policy of recognizing “freedom-of-speech rights of all” employees.
Wise subsequently met with two donors, including someone “particularly wealthy,” who threatened to withhold financial support for the university if Salaita was not fired. She destroyed a memo about one of the donor meetings. The other meeting took place on August 1, which was the same day Wise announced the university would no longer “appoint” Salaita to a faculty position (even though he had already been hired).
Judge Henry Leinenweber of the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois found Salaita had alleged facts, which show he was “fired or not hired because of the university’s disagreement with his personal speech in a public forum on a matter of public concern.” [PDF]
Salaita also sufficiently alleged a “breach of contract” claim and a violation of due process. He alleged enough evidence to make a claim that the university had engaged in a conspiracy too.
Steven Salaita smiles as he speaks to the American Association of University Professors about academic freedom and civility on April 25, 2015. (Flickr / American Association of University Professors)
“Taking the facts in the complaint as true, [the university’s] actions were far from routine — they were unprecedented,” Leinenweber declared. “At a minimum, the University’s conduct here was not routine in relation to the other professors who were all appointed summarily and without individual consideration.”
The lawsuit alleges, “Never before has the Board or University singled out a professor for similar treatment in response to extramural speech on a matter of public concern. The only difference between Dr. Salaita and the other 120 professors, who were treated differently, appears to be Dr. Salaita’s tweets. This increases the plausibility of Dr. Salaita’s conspiracy claim generally and his specific claim that he was being punished for his speech.”
However, the court dismissed other claims against the university, including the claim of intentionally inflicted emotional distress and the claim related to Wise’s destruction of the two-page memo.
Center for Constitutional Rights Deputy Legal Director Maria Lahood, who has represented Salaita, reacted, “The court’s ruling clears the way for Professor Salaita to seek redress for the wrongs done by the university, including violating his right to speak freely on issues of public concern without being fired.”
Another attorney representing Salaita, Anand Swaminathan of Loevy & Loevy, stated, “The university’s administration took a number of positions that showed contempt for its constitutional obligations, and raise serious doubts about the university’s commitment to academic freedom and its willingness to honor contractual commitments to its scholars. We are extremely pleased that the court has rejected the university’s dubious arguments.”
In June, Salaita won a victory in Illinois state court when university officials were ordered in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to produce emails on his firing.
The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) also issued a report in April, which concluded Salaita had his academic freedom and due process rights violated.
“The stated reasons for the rejection of the Salaita appointment by the chancellor and the board of trustees violated Professor Salaita’s academic freedom and have cast a pall of uncertainty over the degree to which academic freedom is understood and respected,” AAUP concluded. “The chancellor’s decision to oppose the appointment—announced without first having revealed her intention to those at several previous levels of evaluation, all of whom had recommended making the appointment—contravened widely accepted standards for the conduct of academic governance.”
An academic boycott against the university has grown in the past year with scholars refusing to participate in events on the UIUC campus. In one particular case, a Holocaust scholar canceled his lecture at the university.
Since being fired, Salaita was hired as the Edward W. Said Chair of American Studies at the American University of Beirut for the 2015-16 academic year. Haymarket Books is also publishing a book by Salaita called “Uncivil Rites: Palestine and the Limits of Academic Freedom” in October.

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Package deal: Indonesian house for sale comes with wife


Reuters / Navesh Chitrakar
A two-bedroom house in Indonesia comes with a garage, a spacious backyard and…a wife. The unorthodox offer is the idea of a creative realtor, and the house’s owner, a 40-year-old widow, is happy to go along with the plan.
The house, located in Sleman, a suburb of the Javanese city of Yogyakarta is being sold for $76,000.
The real estate listing starts out like any other, describing the house and its backyard, but ends rather unexpectedly: “Buyers who don’t negotiate the price can ask the owner to marry (terms and conditions apply).”
The house’s owner, salon owner and mother of two Wina Lia, told AFP that she asked her friend—real estate agent Dian Purna Dirgantara —to help her find a buyer for the house and she hoped to find a husband in the process. Lia however did not expect him to put an ad online, but rather to pass on the news to a small circle of people.
"I told a friend of mine who also works as a property agent that if there is a buyer who is a single man or a widower who wants to buy a house, and at the same time look for a wife, he can let me know as I’m also a widow," she said.
"My wish is to sell this house, but it would be great if I also meet my soul mate. The important thing is he should be single – never been married or a widower – mature and responsible," she told another news outlet
The ad quickly went viral and triggered an onslaught of local media requests for interviews with Lia. She told AFP that police who found the listing suspicious have been asking questions.
The police "came to verify the news as they consider it as an improper advertisement. But I explained to them that it was not my idea," she said.

Hero dog dials 911, saves blind owner from house fire


© Red Paw Emergency Relief Team
A service dog in Philadelphia saved her owner’s life after a fire broke out in their home. Yolanda, a Labrador retriever, used a specialized phone to call for help, then pulled the elderly blind woman out of the burning house.
This was the second time Yolanda saved her owner’s life. She also called 911 after her owner fell inside the house and lost consciousness last year, Jen Leary of the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team told local TV station WCAU.
Red Paw, which specializes in helping animals displaced by fire and other residential disasters, has collected food, toys, treats and other supplies for Yolanda. Her owner, a blind woman in her 60s, is being assisted by the American Red Cross.
The fire broke out on Thursday morning on the 4300 block of Oakmont Street, in the northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Holmesburg. Officials said that thanks to Yolanda’s call, firefighters were able to respond quickly and put out the fire. The woman was taken to Nazareth Hospital, where she was treated for smoke inhalation.
Service dogs such as Yolanda often help people with disabilities ranging from the physical to the mental and emotional. They are recognized by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as working animals, rather than pets.

POLICE BRUTALITY - Cops Slam Disabled Blind Man To The Ground Then Lie A...

توثيقي مذبحة فض اعتصام رابعة - Documentary Rabaa Massacre

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Islam: The Only Way to Peace - Sh. Hussain Yee

"How to be a Successful Youth & Adult" by Sheikh Hussein Yee

How Well Do You Know Your Children? ᴴᴰ ┇Lecture┇Sheikh Hussain Yee┇Shell...

من معاني الإخلاص. لفضيلة الدكتور محمد راتب النابلسي

التربية الإسلامية -علم القلوب - الدرس ( 39 - 54) : الإخلاص6 ( من معاني الإخلاص ).
لفضيلة الدكتور محمد راتب النابلسي بتاريخ: 1999-05-29
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
 الحمد لله رب العالمين, والصلاة والسلام على سيدنا محمد الصادق الوعد الأمين.
الإخلاص عبادة القلب والسلوك عبادة الجوارح :
 أيها الأخوة, لازلنا في الإخلاص لله تعالى, لأن الإخلاص لله تعالى شطر الدين, بل هو الدين كله, كيف؟ لعبادة: لها مظهر مادي, ولها حالة قلبية:
﴿فَاعْبُدِ اللَّهَ مُخْلِصاً لَهُ الدِّينَ﴾
[سورة الزمر الآية:2]
 فالإخلاص عبادة القلب, والسلوك عبادة الجوارح, فإن لم يكن هناك إخلاص فا قيمة لعبادة الجوارح. إذاً: هو الدين كله.
 قيل: هو شطر الدين, بل هو الدين كله.
آيات فهم منها بعض العلماء معاني في الإخلاص :
الآية الأولى :
 هناك آيات فهم منها بعض العلماء معان في الإخلاص، فالآية الأولى:
﴿وَالَّذِينَ هُمْ بِرَبِّهِمْ لَا يُشْرِكُونَ﴾
[سورة المؤمنون الآية:59]
 قال بعضهم في معناها: من فتش سره, فرأى فيه شيئاً أعظم من ربه أو أجل, فقد أشرك به.
 وقد نستهجن هذا المعنى, لا, هذا المعنى قائم عند معظم الناس؛ حينما يغش الإنسان في بيعه, ماذا رأى؟ رأى أن هذا المال الذي يحصله من الغش أغلى عنده من طاعة الله, فهذا المال أكبر عنده من الله, والذي يطيع زوجته, ويعصي ربه, طاعة زوجته رآها عنده أكبر من الله, والذي يطيع مخلوقاً, ويعصي خالقاً, هذا المخلوق هو عنده أكبر من الله, هذا كلام دقيق.
 فلذلك: من فتش سره, فرأى فيه شيئاً أعظم من ربه أو أجل, فقد أشرك به.
الآية الثانية :
 هناك آية أخرى, قال تعالى:
﴿وَلَا يُبْدِينَ زِينَتَهُنَّ إِلَّا مَا ظَهَرَ مِنْهَا﴾
[سورة النور الآية:31]
﴿إِلَّا مَا ظَهَرَ مِنْهَا﴾
 المرأة ليس بإمكانها أن تخفي طولها, مهما كانت تقية, ورعة, فطولها يظهر رغماً عنها, ولون ثيابها تظهر, فهذه أشياء تظهر عنها قصراً, والمؤمن الصادق لا يتحدث عن أعماله الصالحة, إلا ما ظهر من دون قصد منه, أما أن يجلس, ويتحدث عن أعماله, فهذا دليل عدم الإخلاص, يريد أن يأخذ إعجاب الآخرين, طبعاً هذا اسمه فهم إشاري.
المحاسبة يوم القيامة دقيقة جداً :
 الآية الكريمة في الجهاد:
﴿إِنْ تَكُونُوا تَأْلَمُونَ فَإِنَّهُمْ يَأْلَمُونَ كَمَا تَأْلَمُونَ وَتَرْجُونَ مِنَ اللَّهِ مَا لَا يَرْجُونَ﴾
[سورة النساء الآية:104]
 يمكن أن تسحب هذه الآية على موضوع ثان.
 الشاب الذي يجهد للزواج, قد يبذل جهداً كبيراً, وغيره يبذل هذا الجهد, ولكن الشاب المؤمن يرجو من زواجه ما لا يرجو الشاب الآخر, والمؤمن حينما يتعب, نقول له: والكافر يتعب مثلك, ولكن تعب المؤمن مأجور.
 من يظهر من أفعاله شيئاً, إلا ما يظهرُ عليه من غير قصد له فيه فقد سقط به عند رؤية الحق, لأنه ما وقع عليه رؤية الخلق فهو ساقط عند رؤية الحق.
 الذي يراه الناس من عمله, ويثنون به عليه, يشعر الإنسان أنه حقق مكسباً, هذا المكسب يتناقض مع الإخلاص.
 أي هناك شيء أصبح دقيقاً أكثر مما ينبغي, لكن قال بعضهم: "ربما قال الرجل: سبحان الله, لا إله إلا الله, فأخشى عليه من النار, قال: كيف ذلك؟ قال: يُغتاب بين يديه رجل, فيعجبه ذلك, – أي خصم, أو مثيل, أو ند–, ويقول: سبحان الله, لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله, لا إله إلا الله, هو يقول هذا تعجباً وراحة".
 اغتيب بين يديه رجل لعله صالح, لكن هو يذله, فسكت, وسبح الله على هذه الغيبة, وكان يجب أن ينصح, ويقول للمستغيب: اتق الله.
 قال: "سبحان الله, لا إله إلا الله, لله في خلقه شؤون, هذه الكلمات هو قالها تشفياً وراحة".
 والله المحاسبة أدق من ذلك.
 مؤمن اغتيب عندك, يجب أن تنصح المتكلم أن يسكت, قل له: اتق الله.
 قيل لابن عباس: "يا أبا إسماعيل! ما بلغك من الغيبة؟ قال: بلغني أن أقلَّ الغيبة أن يسأل الرجل عن الرجل, فيقول: دعه, غفر الله له ولنا, -معنى هذا هناك مشكلة-, فتكتب له خطيئة أثقل من جبل أحد إذا أراد عيبه بذلك".
 لما قال: غفر الله له، معنى هذا عنده مشكلات, وقال: ولنا، هو أقحم نفسه حتى يثبت خطأ غيره, غفر الله لنا وله, هذا حساب دقيق.
الآية الثالثة :
 والآية الثالثة:
﴿يَوْمَ لَا يَنْفَعُ مَالٌ وَلَا بَنُونَ * إِلَّا مَنْ أَتَى اللَّهَ بِقَلْبٍ سَلِيمٍ﴾
[سورة الشعراء الآية:88-89]
 قالوا: "سلامة القلب على أربعة منازل؛ سلامة القلب من الشرك, وسلامة القلب من الأهواء, وسلامة القلب من الرياء, وسلامة القلب من ذكر كل شيء سوى الله".
 يُروى أن رجلاً عارف بالله, أتعبه من حوله, فخرج من بغداد هائماً على وجهه, اسمه الشبلي, جلس في ظل شجرة, -: قصة رمزية-, قالت له: "يا شبلي, كن مثلي, -هذا اسم بلسان الحال, قد تجد هرة تنظر إليك, وكأنها تقول: أطعمني, نقول: هذا بلسان الحال, لا بلسان المقال-, قال: وكيف؟ قال: يرميني الناس بالحجارة, وأرميهم بالثمار, -هم يرمونني بالحجارة, وأنا أرميهم بالثمار, كن مثلي-, قال: فما بالك إلى النار في النهاية؟ قالت: لأني أميل مع الهوى حيث يميل".
 فالذي يميل مع الهوى بعيد عن الحق, طبعاً القصة رمزية.
 "سلامة القلب من الشرك, والأهواء, والرياء, وذكر كل شيء سوى الله".
الآية الرابعة :
﴿وَلَا تَنْسَ نَصِيبَكَ مِنَ الدُّنْيَا﴾
[سورة القصص الآية:77]
 قال الجنيد في معناه: "لا تترك إخلاص العمل في الدنيا, فهو الذي يقربك من الله عز وجل, ويقطعك عمن سواه, وهو نصيبك من الدنيا".
 الشيء الذي تأخذه خالصاً للآخرة الإخلاص, لأنه:
﴿وَقَدِمْنَا إِلَى مَا عَمِلُوا مِنْ عَمَلٍ فَجَعَلْنَاهُ هَبَاءً مَنْثُوراً﴾
[سورة الفرقان الآية:23]
 والله هناك حديث أيها الأخوة, -ذكرته لكم فيما أذكر, يقصم الظهر-, قال:
((يُؤتى يوم القيامة برجال لهم أعمال كجبال تهامة, فيؤمر بهم إلى النار, فقالوا: يا رسول الله! جَلّهم لنا, -صفهم لنا-, لئلا نكون منهم, قال: هم يصلون كما تصلون, ويأخذون من الليل كما تأخذون, ولكنهم إِذَا خَلَوْا بِمَحَارِمِ اللَّهِ انْتَهَكُوهَا))
[أخرجه ابن ماجه عن ثوبان بن بجدد]
 لهم مواقف كالجبال رائعة, أمام الناس قمة في الورع والإخلاص, أما إذا خلوا مع أنفسهم وقعوا في المعاصي والآثام, فهؤلاء لهم أعمال كجبال تهامة, يُؤمر بهم إلى النار.
 ليس لك من الدنيا إلا الإخلاص, إلا عمل خالص لوجه الله.
الآية الخامسة :
﴿وَأَنْ أَقِمْ وَجْهَكَ لِلدِّينِ حَنِيفاً﴾
[سورة يونس الآية:105]
 قال أحد العلماء: "إن الله جلّ ثناؤه, دعا عباده إلى الإخلاص من كل وجه, وأخبر أنه من كان في ظاهره وباطنه شيء غير الحق لم يكن مخلصاً, لقد دعا عبده أن يكون معرضاً عن الكل, مقبلاً عن الكل, حنيفاً؛ أي مطهراً عن الأكوان وما فيها":
﴿قُلْ إِنَّ صَلَاتِي وَنُسُكِي وَمَحْيَايَ وَمَمَاتِي لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ﴾
[سورة الأنعام الآية:162]
﴿لَا شَرِيكَ لَهُ وَبِذَلِكَ أُمِرْتُ وَأَنَا أَوَّلُ الْمُسْلِمِينَ﴾
[سورة الأنعام الآية:163]
 سمعت عن رجل صالح, سأله شخص: أنا أهوى الكرة, وأتابع هذه المباريات, وأنا أقيم صلاتي, وصيامي, وحجي, وطاعتي لله عز وجل, قال له: ما معنى قوله تعالى:
﴿قُلْ إِنَّ صَلَاتِي وَنُسُكِي وَمَحْيَايَ وَمَمَاتِي لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ﴾
[سورة الأنعام الآية:162]
﴿لَا شَرِيكَ لَهُ وَبِذَلِكَ أُمِرْتُ وَأَنَا أَوَّلُ الْمُسْلِمِينَ﴾
[سورة الأنعام الآية:163]
 لا يوجد شيء آخر ضمن الآية.
 طبعاً أخواننا رواد صلاة الفجر همتهم عالية جداً, لذلك الحساب دقيق في الدروس.
الآية السادسة :
﴿يَا بُنَيَّ لَا تُشْرِكْ بِاللَّهِ﴾
[سورة لقمان الآية:13]
 وعظ لقمان ابنه, ودله على ابتداء وعظه على مجانبة الشرك, فلا تشتغل النفس إلا بخدمته, ولا يلاحظ القلب سواه, ولا يُشاهد بالروح غيره.
 لا تشرك بالله: أول نصيحة.
الآية السابعة :
﴿إِلَيْهِ يَصْعَدُ الْكَلِمُ الطَّيِّبُ وَالْعَمَلُ الصَّالِحُ يَرْفَعُهُ﴾
[سورة فاطر الآية:10]
 ظاهره: الدعاء والصدق, وباطنه: عمل بالعلم واقتداء بالسنة, ليتوصل بهما إلى الإخلاص.
الآية الثامنة :
﴿فَمِنْهُمْ ظَالِمٌ لِنَفْسِهِ وَمِنْهُمْ مُقْتَصِدٌ وَمِنْهُمْ سَابِقٌ بِالْخَيْرَاتِ﴾
[سورة فاطر الآية:32]
 قالوا: الظالم لنفسه من يكون عمله كله رياء, والمقتصد من يكون بعض عمله رياء وبعضه إخلاصاً, والسابق من يخلص لله عمله.
 السابق هو المخلص, المقتصد إخلاص مع رياء, الظالم لنفسه رياء كامل:
﴿أَلَا لِلَّهِ الدِّينُ الْخَالِصُ﴾
[سورة الزمر الآية:3]
 قال الواسطي: "هو الذي يخلُص فيه صاحبه من النفاق, والبدعة, والرياء, والعجب, ورؤية النفس".
 شخص -هكذا سمعت- صلى في الصف الأول, خلف الإمام في صلاة الفجر أربعين سنة, مرة تخلف عن الصلاة, قال: ماذا سيقول الناس عني؟
 كلمة واحدة قالها, إذاً: هو يحرص على صلاته في الصف الأول كل يوم أربعين عاماً, ليحافظ على سمعته أمام الناس, فلما تخلف في أحد الأيام, قال: ماذا سيقول الناس عني؟
الآية التاسعة :
﴿حَتَّى إِذَا جَاءَنَا﴾
[سورة الزخرف الآية:38]
 قال أحد العلماء: جاءه بعلمه الذي أشرك فيه معنا غيرنا، لقول النبي الكريم: "الشرك أخفى من دبيب النملة على الصفاء السوداء".
 أي شرك النفس.
﴿قَالَ يَا لَيْتَ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَكَ بُعْدَ الْمَشْرِقَيْنِ(
[سورة الزخرف الآية:38]
الآية العاشرة :
﴿وَأَنْ لَيْسَ لِلْإِنْسَانِ إِلَّا مَا سَعَى﴾
[سورة النجم الآية:39]
 قال ابن عطاء: "إلا ما نواه, وإن كان سعيه فيه رضا الرحمن".
 قد يكون السعي ظاهره يرضي الله, لكن:
﴿وَأَنْ لَيْسَ لِلْإِنْسَانِ إِلَّا مَا سَعَى﴾
[سورة النجم الآية:39]
 نيته من سعيه, هذه له.
الآية الحادية عشرة :
 والآية الأخيرة:
﴿وَأَقْوَمُ قِيلاً﴾
[سورة المزمل الآية:6]
﴿إِنَّ نَاشِئَةَ اللَّيْلِ هِيَ أَشَدُّ وَطْئاً وَأَقْوَمُ قِيلاً﴾
[سورة المزمل الآية:6]
 معنى صلاة الليل في بيتك, قال: "أصوب قولاً, لأنها أبعد عن الرياء".
 والليل أتم إخلاصاً, وأكثر بركة.
 اللهم اجعلنا مخلصين يا رب العالمين.
والحمد لله رب العالمين