Thursday, December 1, 2016

Frozen deserts shock Saudi Arabia as -3 cold snap brings blankets of snow

Saudi Arabian snowfalls have turned desert sands powdery white this week. Picture: Life in Saudi Arabia/Facebook
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RESIDENTS in sun-baked Saudi Arabia woke up this week to a rather unexpected surprise –— blankets of snow.
According to The Sun, plunging temperatures saw the arid desert land turned into a bizarre one-day winter wonderland, as freezing conditions quickly took hold.

Snow falls in Northern Saudi Arabia:
Snow covered the sand in central and northwestern regions of the country as a rare cold snap saw temperatures plunge to a chilling -3.
Despite November being considered the ‘cold season’ in Saudi, temperatures are still expected to reach a normal 27 degrees celsius (80F) tomorrow.
Excited locals have now taken to social media to share their excitement – and snowmen photos.

The freezing temperatures and the snow are two totally unexpected things for the central and northwestern regions of Saudi because during this period the temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees.
And drivers were certainly not used to the shocking conditions with many dumping their cars at the side of the road as they failed to make it through the drifts.

This isn’t the first time Saudis have gone a little mad for the winter weather.
A man was filmed somersaulting into the snow, only to get his head stuck, in 2013 after snow fell on the country.
The clip has since been viewed more than two million times.

The dunes were covered in snow after a cold wave moved over the whole country.
In just four hours, a significant layer of snow had settled on the golden sands.

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