Monday, April 24, 2017

It"s only a mad man who can't differentiate between right and wrong

A mad man is not just a mad man, a wasted human being good for nothing, but the mad person play a bigger  roll in our life, if we can only think wisely and try to analyze and find out the truth and the secret behind these type of people, the fact  is they were not meant to be useless, hopeless, inefficient and a burden to others, as the way we see it, or the way it seems to be, but these mad people are there as trail for others, we have been tested by the creator who created us all. If we spend sometime with these mad or crazy people and try to know them better and understand their situation, problems and difficulties that they are under going it doesn't matter how much time we spend thinking, studying or analyzing everything concerning them and their behaviors at the end we will find ourselves deeply in the kingdom of God, you will see these very people lead you all the way to the lord the almighty God of the universe, if you are among those positive thinkers you will definitely go into deep prayer and you will always thank God for creating you as a normal human being, arriving at the point you will be blessed and your sins will be forgiven and you will be changed and become someone who strive in the course of God  whom He obeys and you will be someone who does all kind of good deeds just for the sake of God and indeed you will achieve the highest achievement .   
 in fact these disable people whither they are blind, deaf  or mentally sick, they were not created so that they suffer in this world, but they are signs and reflectors and a total guidance that will remind us about the creator who decided to give us what He did not give them, the Almighty wants you to find Him in all his creatures around you anywhere at anytime so that you can easily turn back to him with all these uncountable bless that he has favored you with, God wants you to be wise and be the one who will always think and remember Lord and when it comes to worshiping the Lord, we should be among those who waste no time at all, and always seek his mercy and guidance in all matters concerning our daily life.  

Whenever we come across these kinds of people, God wants us to be reflectors of all his mercy and goodness and kindness, their disability will bring us closer to God, the more we become closer and attached to them, the more we will fill the closeness of the Lord.     
The necessary preliminaries to a better understanding of human behavior is to think positively and it is always better and wise to have a positive approach to all matters, and you have to have the ability to see whatever that might arrive and come with these human behaviors, whether it is good or bad.
To find out about what these human behaviors really leads to, is something to do with using your brain and think properly, and ask yourself simple questions. Human behavior is something that has two ways system, and each system belongs or will lead you to a totally different world that has got nothing to do with each other, just like the day and night, I believe we don't need to carry a sport light during the day so that it can help us to see where we are going.       
Verily the brain that thinks is blessing and great favor, If you can change the way you think you can easily change your life. A good habit is not easy to choose and it is not going to come to you automatically, it needs you to make the move and decide. First make up your mind and go for the good habit then stand for it. Say this is what I want after all, you will definitely feel happy you choose the good habit and you will never regret it and you will always feel great and blessed. You will feel relaxed deep inside and you will have the peace of mind that you need. As for the bad habit it is so easy to get involved with, and you will never know how it started. If you are not careful and think wisely and ask yourself why am I doing this? You should always remember that most of these bad habits are some kind of sins or things that will deprive you of your peace of mind because you will feel ashamed and you’ll feel bad about it sometimes you might even regret doing it for the rest of your life.

Today the whole world is in a total state of confusion. We don’t have the sense of direction. Muslims and non Muslims alike and we actually fall below humanity level, kindness and mercy have already faded away from our hearts until we reached the lowest of the lowest below the beast world. And even worst, because animals do have mercy even though we do call them the wild beast but they are in fact far better than what they seem to us human, because they are what they were meant to be and I believe they are doing a great job for human, who have the capacity to think and reason, we can learn from these animal and they can be a very important source of knowledge and guidance, because God favored us and gave us the ability and ways of seeking knowledge from our fellow human beings, and the same time we can learn from the nature, animals and insects. Almost everything that is surrounding us is a source of knowledge and guidance, it is for human to make the move and take the first step forward to discover the hidden world of power knowledge, which are there for mankind to benefit from it.  
The brighter future for man kind is not something that anybody is going to decide and with it the human will be at their highest level of state of prosperities where each and everyone is going to enjoy freedom. That will free the human being from poverty and all kind of evil practices the truth is the solution of what is happening to our world today, the truth is something that needs us to study it. In other words we need knowledge. We don’t need empty words that will not throw light into the darkness of the past and present. Where did we man kind go wrong, in the past human fall in the trap of illusion and a man made system which was full of errs, injustice, contradiction, slavery, and imperialism and apartheid  
That is what communist, and Arab socialist had to offer the umma. Even though millions of people dance for the tune of communist at that time, and many innocent men and women ware killed simply because they were against the system, the real positive changes that were promised the people never last, because what the people wanted was never there, they were forced to accept the communist as the only way for  equality and a better future for mankind, our life is based on changes and the changes itself is a two way system, the positive one and the negative one, when it comes to the positive changes, the good thing about it is, it doesn’t come from evil and negative source, and nothing of that sort will come out of it at all, the positive changes is real and it is here to stay for ever, it needs men with open minded, kind and with big heart and who believe in God, and believe he is the only source of the positive changes, and nothing at all will bring these positive changes that we need today? Not what these Alqaida men are trying to, even if 50,000,000 Muslims or more join them to fight this crazy war, it is not going to bring the changes that we need, the changes itself is not even in the hands of our leaders, the U.S, or the UN, and it is not either in the democracy or the freedom that a lot of people are preaching nowadays. The changes has to come from each one of us, we have to have clear vision of what we want, and what we want to do, after all it is our  believe and deeds that will shape and decide our destination

First of all we have to know the truth and the truth is nothing more or less than the existence of ‘GOD’ does God exist or not? Do we believe in him or not? If we do then what does ‘HE’ want us to do? Did ‘HE’ just create mankind and left them without guidance and purpose? God created a man and gave him the choice to decide what to do and not to do. And' HE’ made it clear for human being to notice, feel and see the good the bad and the evil exactly as they are. And He further made the good deeds, kindness, and patient to be the way of life for those who think and believe, verily it is the simple and easy way for them. As for the bad deeds, oppression and evil was made easy for those who are wicked, arrogant and evil doers. Those who never think and try their level best to reason and try to differentiate between the good and the bad ,the false and the truth.


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