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Somalia: 18 Somalis under hard circumstances in the outskirts of Maputo
Maputo : Mozambique | Apr 23, 2010

Allvoices – Mohammed Omar Hussein
18 Somali migrants who were intending to cross the boarder between South Africa and Mozambique were apprehended by the Mozambique boarder police.
Among these apprehended Somali migrants is Mahad Osman Moalim Abikar who has spoken to Allvoices on Saturday morning.
“Previously we have been over 50 people, and we have started our adventure from Somalia where there is day-to-day battles between armed rival Islamists and the Somali transitional federal government, in fact there is no reliable stability in our country so we have decided to go to any other country which will be better than our burning country, and then we have reached Nairobi Kenya and before long we have resumed our journey from Nairobi with the guidance of individuals who were expert in taking people to as far as South Africa, and after having crossed several countries in Africa such as Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi we have bee caught at the boarder between Mozambique and South Africa and with that big number of people 18 of us have fallen into the hands of the Mozambique boarder security guards while the rest have sneaked into South Africa which was their ultimate destination” said Mahada Osman Moalim Abikar speaking to Allvoices on Saturday morning.
Allvoices has asked Mahada and her fellow Somalis their situation in the hands of the government of Mozambique.
“We have been taken to boarder post jail where we are now as I am speaking to you, some of us have not eaten any solid thing for the last three days what we are given here as food is not what we are accustomed to, we are really facing hard situation in this jail, and we are appealing from the government of Somali to instantly intervene our situation which is day-by-day deteriorating” added Mahada Osman.
On the other hand allvoices has talked to Mahada’s father Osman Moalim Abikar and this is what he had to say.
“I am heartily appealing from the transitional federal government of Somali to rescue the lives of these 18 Somalis nationals who are suffering in Mozambique” said Osman Moalim Abikar.
Since the collapse of the last effective central government of Somalia in the year 1991, Somalis have been crossing over several continents in the world.

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