Friday, July 9, 2010

South Africa: Two Somalis Killed in South Africa

9 July 2010

Cape Town — Armed South African gunmen have shot and killed two young Somali men in Cape Town over night, just as planned demonstration against the intimidations against Somalis supposed to happen in south Africa where the world Cup 2010 is currently going on, witnesses told Shabelle radio on Friday.
Witnesses said that the young men were killed over night by South African gangs in Cape Town and injured two others as they were continuing their business activities there in South African.
Ibar Sheik Ibar, one of the Somali people in South Africa said an interview with Shabelle radio overnight that the two Somalis were killed by a group of black South African as they attacked where the deceased men were staying expressing concern about the brutal and deliberately killing against the Somali people in South African adding that the murdered men were watching the semifinal game between Spain and Vs Germany in south Africa.
The murdered Somalis were called Moktar Ali Dhuhulow, from Mogadishu mainly Wardigley district and Mohamed Hassan Ali and the injured ones were Abdiazis Ali Mohamud and other whose name was shortened Abdshir.
Mr. Ibar said that large demonstration against the killing of Somali businessman in South Africa was planned to happened there adding that more of the human rights activist would attend incldn the national security minster of South Africa.
The Somali people in South Africa had accuse the police forces that they could not start a crackdown on the aimless killing and intimidations against the Somalis in South Africa and the killing accident comes only days after another young man was killed by armed men in South Africa recently.

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