Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Convert To Islam it was posted in Facebook

by -Hafsa

I love jesus so I decided to worship his God without partner. I decided to not eat pork. I decided to grow my beard like he did. I decided to call out to my Lord and place my face on the ground in the most humble position in from of God that i could, like Jesus did. I worship with people who name their Children Jesus, Moses, Maryam, and i chose a wife who worships God and loves Mary and wears the scarf Mary wore. I believe in the books God sent down including the Original Torah and the Original Gospel of Jesus and in the last book whopse chapter 19 is "Mary". I love Jesus peace be upon him and his mother. He is called Messiah and he is a "word from God". I am Muslim which means i submit myself to the Almighty God as Jesus said God is greater and i am less than the ONE who sent me....... Follow jesus and worship his God.... This is his message and we follow him! From a follower of Christ when i was a Christian to being now a Muslim because Christ was a submitter to the Almighty One!!!!!

And i realized Jesus did not speak english or greek but Aramaic....which is close to Arabic.... Jesus said God is Greater.....

In Arabic .... Allahu Ackbar
-Will King

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