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Boston Scientists Stumble Upon Prostate Breakthrough

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Millions of Men Can Finally Sleep Through the Night Thanks to this Discovery

On Nov 20, 2014
(Boston) - Scientific discoveries often happen unintentionally. In the early 20th century, Alexander Fleming noticed that the mold growing on one of the culture plates in his lab was killing all of the bacteria, leading him to discover antibiotics. In the 1990s, a large pharmaceutical company was doing clinical trials on a new pill for heart disease when they learned that men were having a strange side effect from the new drug. This blue pill would later help hundreds of millions of men overcome erectile dysfunction.
A team of Boston-based sleep researchers responsible for the widely popular sleep aid Somnapure may have just made such an accidental discovery.
If you haven’t already heard of it, Somnapure has changed the way Americans deal with poor sleep. Available at all major retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS, Somnapure’s groundbreaking formula was created by the scientists at Peak Life (its parent company).
Even though Peak Life was enjoying the success of its popular new sleep aid, one thing continued to baffle this team of researchers: some men over the age of 60 still weren’t getting the deep, restful sleep that other Somnapure customers were enjoying.
Why Some Men Over 60 Can’t Sleep
It didn’t take long for these scientists to identify the problem: these men were all experiencing prostate issues causing them to wake up to use the bathroom several times a night. It wasn’t just the 60 seconds or so that these men were actually awake and going to the bathroom that was harmful—it was the interruption of their sleep cycle that caused them all to feel so tired and sluggish the next day.
The team of sleep researchers worked to figure out how they could help men with prostate issues get the help they needed to sleep through the night.
The Birth of Peak Life Prostate
After countless hours of research and experimentation, the Peak Life researchers were able to formulate a product so effective at improving prostate health that their male customers could reliably and regularly sleep through the night.
The secret behind Peak Life Prostate is its proprietary Flow Enhancement Complex, which includes premium prostate health ingredients like saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol. For many scientists, the inclusion of these premium ingredients alone would have been enough, but not for the researchers at Peak Life. They went a step further and found that by suspending the primary ingredients in a hydrophobic solution, they were able to increase the bioavailability of the phytosterols contained in the formula. Long story short, Peak Life Prostate is extremely effective at reducing frequent trips to the bathroom and supporting a normal prostate size.
So there it is. What began as an anomaly that baffled a team of sleep researchers led to the creation of one of the most effective natural prostate health supplements ever devised.
Not only are the scientists over at Peak Life proud of their accomplishment, but they’re also extremely confident that Peak Life Prostate will work for you. So confident, in fact, that they’re giving out free two-week samples of Peak Life Prostate to men who qualify while supplies last. All you have to do is  CLICK HERE to claim your 14-day risk-free trial.

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