Monday, January 30, 2012

From Saudi Gazette: Without proper cover, the poor struggle to get through winter English

HAFR AL-BATIN – More than 218 poor and destitute families, west of Hafr Al-Batin international road network, are struggling to keep warm this winter because their corrugated iron shacks turn into freezers in the current sub-zero temperatures.

Ramadan, the main breadwinner of a family of 10, said he lives with his family in a shack measuring around three square meters and only has a gas heater to keep his family warm in the extreme cold weather. “My wife and kids sit in front of the gas heater all night until their legs are roasted,” he told Al-Youm Arabic newspaper.

“No one on earth can tolerate living in a cold shack with nothing but blankets. I have to stay awake all night because if this kind of heater is not used properly, it has the potential to be quite deadly.”

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