Monday, April 22, 2013

الشيخ عدنان العرعور يهدد بإعلان الجهاد والنفير العام لكل المسلمين إن استمر التخاذل 21-4-2013


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  2. May peace be upon you,thanks for the your invitation, it's not a big deal to follow your blog, I can see you are religious man, and you are trying to call people to God and to be saved, tell me about God how many Gods are there? Is there a God for only a Christean, and a God for a Jew only and a God for Muslim only Hindu and Buddhist and so on,I believe there is only one God who created all of us, and he gave us the choice to follow Him or to reject Him, KNOWING HIM means to strive in the cause of seeking knowledge and to be patient in the process of learning and the most important thing is one should be honest and his aim and goal should be to know the truth and nothing else but the truth, and I believe the truth will set you you free as the bible says,if that is what you want and you want to be a good Christian who follow the right path OF GOD, I INVITE YOU TO READ QUR'AN first,IT HAS ALL THE ANSWERS one may ask anything to do with God and religion, even if human will live on earth for millions of years, the Qur'an will be there to answer all their questions till the end of time, I am a knowledge seeker I do read the bible and Qur'an and many religious books. Welcome to my blog if you are a knowledge seeker, May God bless us all with the truth and His guidance..thanks..