Thursday, December 5, 2013

Somaliland:RRU Terrorising Civilians Homes In Hargeisa


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The citizens of Hargeisa had been witnessing this year the constant terror-operations of RRU which is a clear violation of human rights as well as the pure negligence of not respecting citizen´s civic rights by breaking into civilians homes and destroying all the goods in it by undertaking operations which always ends with no results, hence just leaves poor family homes in shock and traumatized children´s behind.
During this year all the operations that had been undertaken by the RRU unit forces all ended in disasters with zero results which put the population to be so angry to the civic violations attempts toward civilians homes and the violation of human rights in which the civilians had been facing. All the operations that had been undertaken were against the Somaliland laws which jeopardize the safety and rights of civilians.
SIILAANYO government failed to give  clear responses about all those operations by always been quiet by the so many shameful operations in which RRU´s unit undertook this year and the past year which had no clear purposes but putting civilians terrorized and breaking all the constitutions that this nation had.
The people had been witness of unusual operations which put a big question mark and concern into the population mind´s safety by the recent act of barbarism in which RRU invaded the home of Osman Abdi Ismael (INA AWR LIQE). People got so shocked when the wife of Mr. Osman Abdi Ismael had given an interview which was broadcasted live in Somaliland, describing the cruelty and irresponsibility in which RRU treated them without having any respect to the children and women who were all sleeping by just putting a gun into their heads.
This sort of act was not the first of its kind in which RRU undertook but there were several other operations which always ended purposeless with zero evidences justifying their raids that always shows poor investigations and the release of the victims who ends clueless by not knowing why they been arrested.
Siilaanyo government had never addressed his people to the so many violations of human rights in which so many families and civilians had been victim of. But today it has been all clear that the law and the constitution have been all broken by the government itself, by not respecting the civic rights & human rights of the citizens which started to make a big echo that the government isn´t ensuring the peoples´ physical and mental integrity, life and safety!

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