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Saudi married on a dare by friends

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Joke turns into unexpected reality after groom asks for a teacher’s hand
  • By Habib ToumiBureau Chief
  • Published: 10:09 June 26, 2014
  • Gulf News
Manama: A married Saudi man ended up taking a new wife after he took part in a dare game with his friends.
The man was attending the engagement ceremony of his sister in the southern city of Jazan when his friends dared him to go up to a guest and ask him if he could marry his daughter.
“We dare you to tell him that you want to marry his daughter, a teacher,” the friends said, local news site Jazan Today reported.
The man who was not named appreciated the light spirit of his friends and jokingly accepted the challenge.

He walked up to the older man and told him that he wanted to marry his daughter and named her.
The older man, initially surprised, accepted the proposal and called the religious man who was at the majlis for the wedding ceremony, asking him to start the procedures for another marriage.
Shocked by the unexpected turn of the events, the younger man insisted that he was joking and that his proposal was merely a light response to the challenge set by his friends.
“I am sorry, but I was just joking. I do not even have enough money to get married or to pay for the dowry,” he reportedly said.
However, the prospective father-in-law insisted that the wedding take place and promised to help with the financial requirements.
The younger man eventually gave in and the marriage contractor took all the details needed for the official paper work, the news site added.
However, the religious man refused to hand over the contract until the new bride and groom undergo the required the medical checkup.
According to the news site, the friends who started the dare game celebrated the wedding of the bewildered groom with great fanfare.
Online reactions ranged from offering good wishes to pouring scorn on the main characters to critcising the un-Islamic practice of not consulting the bride over her future.
Islam requires the full conscious consent of the groom and bride for a marriage.

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