Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe to Propose Marriage to Obama

African News Today

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Mugabe to propose marriage to Obama President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, the man popular known by the some folks in the West as “Mad Bob” is at it again. Reacting to the announcement of the 5 to 4 ruling of the U.S Supreme Court that now legalizes gay marriage in all 50 states of the union, Mugabe said that based on this development, he will now proceed to the U.S and ask for Obama’s hand in marriage.
In his usual Anti-U.S attacks, Mugabe said “I’ve just concluded since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people and enjoys an attractive countenance thus if it becomes necessary , I shall travel to Washington DC, get down on my knee, and ask his hand.” It is no doubt that there is no love lost between Mugabe and many Western leaders. he does not hide his ill feelings towards them and they do not hide theirs towards him.
Mugabe continued by saying “I can’t understand how this people dare to defy Christ’s explicit orders as our Lord prohibited mankind from sodomy.” In addition to these, he is quoted to have said that the U.S is controlled by “perverted Satan-worshipers who insult the great American nation.”
Mugabe has joined the millions of people around Africa and indeed the rest of the world who have expressed deep dismay at the ruling of the U.S supreme court. His stance on gay relationships has never been in doubt. In fact, during a campaign in 2013, Mugabe said “We have this American president – Obama, born of an African father, who is saying we will not give you aid if you don’t embrace homosexuality. We ask, was he born out of homosexuality?”
Zimbabwe frowns seriously at gay relationships. Mugabe had publicly said he regards anyone involved in gay relationships as being lower than goats, pigs and birds. He actually told them to go to hell! Mugabe’s stance on homosexuality is so strong that he said in 2013 – “Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense there and live with it. We will never have it here. The act [of homosexuality] is not humane,” He also stated categorically that “Any diplomat who talks about homosexuality will be kicked out. There is no excuse and we won’t listen to them.”
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