Monday, November 9, 2015

UN-OCHA Floods Affect 90,000 Somalis

Prensa Latina

UN-OCHA Floods Affect 90,000 Somalis
November 09
17:37 2015
MOGADISHU — Around 90,000 people were affected by floods in Somalia, and from that total, 42,000 were displaced from their respective habitat according to the UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinating Office (OCHA).
This year, rains went over the normal average, mainly in the southern regions, where a war between the rebel group Al Shabab and the Somali Army, supported by western countries and the Mission of the African Union (Amisom).
Beacuase of For these floods, many blame the weather phenomenon El Niño, an ocean current that develops regularly in the Pacific Ocean, and makes that the temperatures of the sea surface are slightly warmer than normal, said the Qatari news agency Al Jazeera .
Somalia has a fairly dry climate, which is surprising for a country that is so close to the line of Ecuador.
The little rain that falls in this country usually is between April and November, but is highly variable from year to year and this year rainfall incresed with El Niño.
Source: Prensa Latina

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