Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Africa Investigates: Living in Fear

Over the past two years, unknown assailants have killed a dozen of Uganda's Muslim clerics. Others survived similar attacks and now live in fear. The government blames an Islamist rebel group called the ADF. Others point to a a power struggle within the Muslim community. Some accuse security forces of the Ugandan government.
So who is killing Uganda's Muslim clerics? Scroll down for the data behind our investigation or explore the video clips here.

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Locations of the murders mapped

The Victims

Ismael Mawazi Ssebugwawo
Cause of deathBeaten
Specifics LocationKayunga, near Wakiso town
Location mapped, colored by the sect each victim belonged to 
Sunni Tabliq
Victims by Cause of death
83.3% 8.3% 8.3% Cause of deathShotBeatenSuspected poisoning
Victims by Sect
66.7% 25% 8.3% SectSunni TabliqSunniShia
Victims by Faction
41.7% 41.7% 16.7% FactionKibuliN/AOld Kampala
Victims by Year
50% 25% 25% Year201220142015

The Suspects

According to the Ugandan Police
Recently arrested leader of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Ugandan Islamist terror group accused by the Ugandan government of orchestrating the killings. The vast majority of our interviewees did not believe the ADF were behind the murders. Jamil Mukulu has remained silent over the allegations.
Ugandan heart surgeon and Christian philanthropist based in Australia - accused by the Ugandan government of funding the ADF and arranging some of the killings. He had been planning to stand as an independent candidate in Uganda's presidential election next year and has dismissed the allegations as "ridiculous and absurd". His lawyer says the charges are politically motivated.
Leader of the Tabliq sect who was arrested in January and charged with the murder of two clerics - Mustafa Bahiga and Abdul Kadir Muwaya. It has been claimed by Bahiga’s widow that Bahiga’s dying words implicated Kamoga but he denies the charges and believes he is being framed. He believes that it is the enemies of Muslims who are doing this to divide their community.

Suspicions of the government's role

Interview with Haruna Kanabi - journalist and leader of the Independent Media Council
Interview with General David Sejusa - former intelligence chief and advisor to the President

The Investigators

Sorious Samura -- Insight TWI
Sorious Samura is one of the world's most widely respected African film and television journalists. Since his debut on the international stage with Insight's Emmy-winning “Cry Freetown" (2000), Sorious - a native of Sierra Leone - has produced and presented more than a dozen powerful and innovative documentaries for major international broadcasters.
Ivan Okuda -- The Daily Monitor
Ivan Okuda is one of East Africa’s most talented and promising young journalists. Only 22 years of age, Ivan has been working for Uganda’s most respected newspaper ‘The Daily Monitor’ since the age of 16 and is also a student of law. ‘Uganda: Living in Fear' is his first television report.

Watch the full documentary

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