Monday, March 14, 2016

Expectant woman dies in Somalia as 30 more families at risk of hunger

An expectant mother has reportedly died in Somalia while at least 30 other families are on the verge of death due to hunger and malnutrition.
The incident happened at Ambresso village in Barawe district of Lower Shabelle.
It was confirmed by the local administration which warned of more cases of emergency program is not enforced.
“A woman died because she could not find what to eat. She was pregnant and 30 more families are in a similar condition. They are staring death in the face,” a statement by the local administration said in part.
The World Food Program, the United Nations agency charged with monitoring and overseeing the distribution of food has warned of similar situation in a report last year.
It said that insecurity and fluctuating food prices are more likely to kill a person in Somalia than any other thing.
“The number of people in Crisis and Emergency now stands at 855,000, a 17 percent increase from the beginning of the year”
“According to the latest findings from the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit for Somalia (FSNAU), People belonging to these households require urgent lifesaving humanitarian assistance to help meet immediate food needs, including critical nutrition and health support for those acutely malnourished, particularly children,” the report by the agency said early last year.
The situation in Somalia has improved since the crisis of 2011, when four million people experienced extreme food insecurity and famine occurred in some regions of the south.
However, the gradual recovery and gains made are being threatened as below average rains, conflict and trade disruptions combined with limited humanitarian access and resources have left thousands of people in need of lifesaving food and nutrition assistance
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