– Before he took up his knives, Dahir Adan delivered a haunting farewell — and warning.
"You won't be seeing me again," the 20-year-old Somali refugee told a SuperAmerica clerk as he stepped out into the night of Sept. 17.
An hour later, Adan was dead, shot down by an off-duty police officer after Adan hacked and slashed his way through the Crossroad Center mall with a steak knife in each hand. Ten people were stabbed and left bleeding, an entire community was terrorized.
At a news conference Thursday, investigators spelled out in detail just what happened in the mall that Saturday night, even as they still search for the reasons why. While they have yet to establish a solid link between Adan and a terrorist group, they said victim and witness interviews, store video, and Adan's words and actions in the minutes before and during the stabbings pointed to a premeditated attack.
Authorities pulled out detailed maps, with red dots marking the spots where each person was stabbed: one dot for the pregnant woman in the parking lot; two for the father and son Adan ran down in the hall; another for the clerk he chased in the electronics store, demanding to know whether his victim was Muslim as he stabbed at him so hard that the knife bent on impact.
There were videos from mall surveillance cameras, showing Adan, dressed in his security guard uniform from work, chasing terrified shoppers. A quick-witted clerk in a candy shop slammed down the security grate just as Adan lunged toward him, knives clearly visible in his hands.