Thursday, November 10, 2016

‘Go back to Asia!’: Trump supporter grabs woman–police arrive and handcuff the victim

A Minnesota-based Asian American woman was put in handcuffs on Wednesday after attempting to fight off a Trump supporter who grabbed her and shouted racial slurs at her.

Kathy Mirah Tu wrote in a now-viral Facebook post that a white male screamed at her to “Go back to Asia,” and then chased after her when she tried to ignore him, saying “Don’t you know it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?”
After informing the man that she is an American citizen, the man told her that the only reason she was able to attend college was affirmative action and grabbed her by the wrist.
Refusing her requests to let go, the Trump supporter said “I don’t understand why you are walking away from me when I am trying to have a conversation with you. I told you that it’s rude and you should listen to me cause I know a lot more than you do.”
Still grabbing her wrist, the man tried to get her to fight him, laughing at how “small and shrimpy” she was. Tu punched him in the throat to get away, after which the Trump supporters called the police and accused her of assault.
Tu says she felt that the officers were more inclined to listen to the Trump supporter’s side of things, citing that his friends were “witnesses” and put her in handcuffs while they ran her information, which came up clean and prompted her release.
“At first I was really upset,” Tu wrote. “But now I am really grateful that he did that to me. It gave me an opportunity to speak up. Here is my final statement to you sir. I am sorry that you are threatened by me and my presence and are so afraid of me that you had to succumb to this. But thank you, because of this situation you have relit a burning passion in my soul about why I need to make my voice heard, and offer that same support to my fellow Asian Americans, LGBT community, People of Color, (in the face of) the oppression you have placed upon us.”
Her full post can be read here:
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As of this writing, Ms Tu has not responded to requests from US Uncut for further comment.
Nathan Wellman is a Los Angeles-based journalist, author, and playwright. Follow him on Twitter: @LightningWOW
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