Thursday, November 10, 2016

The KKK Just Announced a Trump Victory Parade in North Carolina

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The Ku Klux Klan, who officially endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump back in April of this year, has announced they will be holding a victory rally for him in North Carolina.
The location is significant as North Carolina, a tightly contested state over the last 20 years, was won by President-elect Trump by 5% points. He received more votes than any other candidate in the history of the state, and outperformed both John McCain and Mitt Romney in the last two elections against President Obama.
North Carolina has become ground zero for the “alt-right” movement. It has become famous for its voter discrimination, rampant redistricting, and the controversial HB2 or “bathroom law,” all of which have cost the state millions of dollars in lost revenue due to boycotts and loss of corporate events and facilities. The NBA recently moved the All-Star Game out of Charlotte stating:
“While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2.”
So far, very few details about the planned rally have been released. The “Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” located in Pelham, North Carolina, will be hosting the actual rally.
According to their website, the North Carolina rally will be held on Dec. 3. But there is little information about the actual event, including a time or a location. Their “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade” states that “Trump’s race united my people.”
The group is believed to have been behind a rally in South Carolina last year protesting the removal of the Confederate flag from the state Capitol building.
David Duke, a former Klan Grand Wizard and Republican State Representative took to social media to thank “his people” for helping to elect Trump.

This is one of the most exciting nights of my life -> make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!

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