Thursday, February 24, 2011

Somalia Alshabab Islamists claim deadly suicide car bomb attack Google Reader


Somalia Alshabab Islamists claim deadly suicide car bomb attack

Mogadishu (Alshahid) -Islamist militias of Al-shabab claimed the responsibility of a suicide car bomb that rocked T.F.G police training camp located in Hamare-Jajeb close to Mogadishu capital sea-port Monday morning.
Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, Sh. Ali Dhere, Spokesman of Al-shabab said his rebel group hit the police training camp as part of their war against infidels and their foreign masters AMISOM.
“We have achieved to kill and wound 600 of T.F.G forces who were supposed to give a speech at the military training and also destroyed high building around the area,” Sheikh Ali Dhere, Shabab’s spokesman said late afternoon in press conference.
This was a warning and a lesson for what he called apostates ‘the government members”, Ali added.
Sheikh Ali informed people that government officials might give less number than what Alshabab claims to be 600 hundred soldiers.
The attack which has received global condemnation also rocked 2 civilian-cars and injured a number of civilians on board including sport-players.
Alshabab rebels who are heavily sponsored by Al-Qaeda terrorists engage in suicide blasts which have killed more civilian Somalis than the targeted opponents.
Already innocent Somali people are facing a myriad of humanitarian suffering ranging from deaths, displacement and now ravaging famine, therefore Alshabab cruelty only makes it worse for the Somalia souls.

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