Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maths made easy through computer

Published on 17/05/2011

By Michael Oriedo
Students from primary to college can now solve mathematics and science problems faster and accurately.
This follows the launching of Microsoft Mathematics, a computer program that helps students workout mathematical problems ranging from trigonometry to quadratic equations. "The program enables students to workout potentially intimidating problems. It gives them unique tools not only to arrive at the right answers, but to understand how they got there," says Mr Alex Nyingi, Academic Programmes Manager at Microsoft East and Southern Africa.
Nyingi says science and mathematics are some of the overwhelming subjects in the school curriculum, which could be made more palatable by embracing technology.
Microsoft Mathematics has a friendly user interface and a powerful algebra system.
"The program does not work against teachers or replace them. It collaborates with them to help students stay engaged in mathematics and sciences. Students benefit from fast and clear equation solving system," Nyingi says.
He says it can eliminate negative attitudes among students towards mathematics. "Students would find it interesting to work with computers. Teachers only need to equip them with the tools they need to grasp the concepts and allow them to work on their own," he says.
Hospital bills According to Nyingi, the programme guides students along every step towards the solution of a problem. "It has a worksheet area that lets students work through math equations and expressions, saving their work for later review. As they retrace their steps, they comprehend concepts which deepens their curiosity," he says.
Maranda Secondary School in Nyanza has incorporated the program in their mathematics and science lessons.

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