Monday, June 27, 2011

Saudi Arabia makes it easier for nationals to marry Muslim Arabs from other Gulf countries English

The amended Saudi marriage law applies to both men and women.
The amended Saudi marriage law applies to both men and women.
Saudi Arabia’s Al-Shoura Council has approved a draft law making it easier for Saudis to marry foreigners, but only Muslim Arab from the neighboring countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The draft law would apply to both Saudi men and women.

The secretary general of the council, Dr. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, said the law was approved after listening to the views of a special committee formed to study the issue, according the Saudi Press Agency.

The council also approved the marriage of Saudi citizens to foreigners born of Saudi mothers. Saudis previously could marry only foreigners with Saudi fathers.

The council said the amendments to the marriage law are designed to further gender equality.

The law stipulates that the government must approve all marriages under the new provisions. In addition, council officials stated that anyone who marries a non-Saudi citizen without obtaining a permit would be subject to a fine of $26,000.

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