Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Convert Muslim Beaten
Convert Whipped For Drinking
4 Men Accused of Brutal Beating
These actions are NOT ENDORSED by Islam or true Muslims (My Thoughts - follow)
Channel 7 *(Sydney, Australia) reports a convert to Islam in the west side of town (Sydney) has been beaten with a cable for drinking alcohol, by 4 bearded men.
The man who reportedly converted to Islam recently had allegedly gone out for some alcoholic drinks with some friends. Four men allegedly of middle eastern appearance broke into the man’s apartment last night and lashed him for over half an hour as report by channel seven news at their 6:00PM program.
“There is no place for this criminal act in Islam… I hope those who did this are caught and subjected to the full extent of the law.” Ahmed Kilani, from was shown on channel seven saying.
The 31 year old man was asleep in his apartment in Silverwater, woke up at around 1 am to four bearded men who had broken into his apartment. Three men held him down and the fourth lashed him with a cable 40 times.
The victim said that he believed Islam is a beautiful religion and that he hopes people don’t get the wrong idea about Islam because of this horrific event.
According to the report, the man made a complaint to Burwood police after the attack on Sunday but is now afraid and has since become hesitant to cooperate with authorities.
He told 7News that he believed Islam is a beautiful religion and he hoped what happened did not distort people’s view of the religion.
Forensic officers examined the apartment for evidence and are calling for help to identify the intruders.
The man who allegedly carried out the attack was described as being middle aged, strong build and around 175 cm tall, allegedly of middle eastern appearance.

My Thoughts - on this story - 
What if someone heard the sound of someone drinking wine on the other side of a wall. So he jumps over the wall to find a man who had a drink in his hand, and he is ready to punish him.
But the man asks;
"Isn't it against Islam to suspect people? And what about eavesdropping & spying on each other?" (Surah Al Hujjurat, verse 12)
"What about entering people's homes without permission?" (Surah Al Ahazzab, verse 56)
"What about entering through proper doors of a house?" (Surah Baqarah, verse 189)

Omar, radiallahu anhu, was the khalifah - in a Muslim country ruled by shari'ah of Islam, in a position to judge and carry out the hadud (punishment) on this man for drinking. Look how Omar handles the case of someone who was a known drinker. He sends a messenger with a letter:
A letter From Umar ibn al-Khattab to so and so. Peace be upon you. I praise Allah beside Whom there is no other god. In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. “Ha. Mim. The revelation of this Book is from Allah, Exalted in Power, Full of Knowledge. Who forgives sin, accepts repentance, is strict in punishment, and hath a long reach (in all things). there is no god but He: to Him is the final goal.”
Umar sealed the letter and gave it to a messenger, who was going to deliver the message to a person who began to drink alcohol. The messenger of this letter was directed by Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) to be give the letter only when the recipient was sober.
Umar commanded those who were with him in Madinah to pray for the person in question.
When the letter reached the person he read it and said: “My Lord has promised to forgive me, and has warned me of His punishment.” He repeated this until he began to weep. From this day he gave up alcohol and stayed away from it. Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) heard of this person’s reaction to his letter and he said, “This is what you should do. If you see that one of you has slipped, correct him, pray for him and do not help the Shaytan against him.”
Do keep in mind - this was a new convert to Islam and not someone who is living in Saudi Arabia, riding camels and wearing turbans.
AND - He still loves Islam and does not want this to affect the way people view his beautiful new way of life, according to his own words.
What kind of modern-day Muslims do we have who go around breaking 20 rules of Islam to enforced one - that they are not authorized to do in the first place?
-- just My Thoughts - for the day...

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