Friday, July 29, 2011

'Zionist trail in Norway terror attacks'

Fri Jul 29, 2011 4:37PM GMT
An interview with Peter Eyre, a Middle East Consultant
An analyst says that there are evident Zionist footprints in the twin terror attacks in Norway's capital, Oslo, and on a nearby island which claimed the lives of 76 people.

Press TV has interviewed Peter Eyre, a Middle East Consultant, for his views on the nature of last week's bomb and gun assaults.

Following is the transcript of his interview.

Press TV: Why do you think the European Intelligence System failed to detect the far-right extremist threat and do you think they will be able to prevent a repeat of Norway's terror attacks?

Peter Eyre: I don't think they'll be able to stop this, because these are one-off attacks and they happen frequently all over the world - these small breakaway groups.

I can see a possible connection with the Fascist National Party - another nationalist party in this country that also tends to show a trend towards being anti-Islamic, but in this case I think this is a diversionary tactic.

There's no question at all that this man was a very devout Christian Zionist with strong links to Israel and he had visited there a several times and I think also that he was a Freemason, which puts him in line with what we call the “New World Order.”

So there is a very strong Zionist lead there and these are fragmented groups; they're quite small.

Even if there is a connection in the UK, they would be under great pressure to allow this to come out, because many times they try and break up these groups, the governments try and close them down.

So this would be very sensitive for them. They may support it, but they wouldn't declare it openly.

Press TV: UK media reports show the Norwegian terrorist was in contact with British extremist groups. Why do you think the British government has chosen not to deal with these groups?

Peter Eyre: For the reason I've just said it's a very sensitive area and I would not think for 1 minute that there is 100 percent concrete evidence that that is true.

This could be, as I say, a diversionary tactic to take the focus away.

At the end of the day this is showing a clear sign that it could be a false flag.

There's so many incidents that took place prior to this event and during the event that really do not make sense and we see this many times in other false flags.

I'm not saying one-hundred percent it was a false flag, but it is certainly showing a sign of being an inside job with Zionist interference.


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