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Controversial C of E vicar faces inquisition after linking Israel to 9/11 attacks

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Published time: January 30, 2015 13:00
Stephen Sizer (Image from
Stephen Sizer (Image from
A Church of England vicar is under internal investigation after allegedly sharing an article on Facebook which blames Israel for the 9/11 terror attacks.
Reverend Stephen Sizer reportedly posted a link to an article titled, “9/11 – Israel did it” and wrote: “Is this anti-Semitic? If so, no doubt I’ll be asked to remove it. It raises so many questions.”
Sizer has since taken down the FB post, but the Church of England said on Thursday it would investigate the incident.
In a statement, the Church said it was a “matter of deep sorrow and shame” that Sizer promoted the article during the same week as Holocaust Memorial Day.
Jewish community leaders said the article was “unquestionably anti-Semitic” and “absurd.”
Hosted on, the article argues only the CIA and Israel’s Mossad were capable of executing the 9/11 attacks.
Of the two, Mossad had the most “compelling motive” because it wanted the United States to “destroy Israel’s enemies.”
When contacted by the Jewish News, the Surrey-based clergyman appeared to defend the post, asking them to provide evidence Israel wasn’t involved in 9/11.
According to the Jewish News, he said: “I would welcome articles you can recommend refuting the allegations.”
He added: “It is essential the public become convinced of what happened before and after 9/11. Inevitably the truth will upset many people if it is shown by further investigation that the official explanations are shown to be deficient.

Reuters/Sara K. Schwittek
Reuters/Sara K. Schwittek
This is not the first time Sizer has faced accusations of anti-Semitism.
In 2013, the Board of Deputies of British Jews complained he was publishing anti-Semitic statements on his blog.
Following mediation meetings with Jewish community leaders, Sizer maintained he did not regret what he said.
Sizer said at the time that his criticism of Israel’s policies toward Palestinians had “caused offence to those who want to justify those actions.”
He did acknowledge his use of language had caused offense, however, and that he should have chosen his words more carefully.
Anti-Semitism is racism – it is dehumanizing and treats Jews in a derogatory or negative way. I repudiate that unequivocally,” he said.
More recently, Sizer received strong criticism after attending a conference in Iran discussing “Zionist involvement” in the 9/11 attacks.
Jewish groups accused him of supporting an “anti-Semitic hate-fest” by speaking at the conference.
In a statement Thursday in response to Sizer’s Facebook post, the Church of England said: “These comments would rightly be seen as unacceptable whenever they were posted. It is a matter of deep sorrow and shame that they have been posted in this week of all weeks.”
The Diocese of Guildford, where the Rev Sizer is licensed, is taking immediate steps to investigate. The diocese is aware of the seriousness of the matter and are also in touch with the Board of Deputies of British Jews.”
Jonathan Arkush, vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, told the Jewish News: “Posting, and giving approval to, an article which in effect accuses Jews of responsibility for the 9/11 atrocity is unquestionably anti-Semitic, just as it is beyond absurd.”
  • Rt might be anti-American but still very pro Israel.
  • ptwang

    yeah, we know already.. truth = antisemitic
  • Last Autumn, my garden wall collapsed. I didn't have to keep telling people this, because It REALLY happened. If it didn't, I would keep repeating a big lie to make sure it never went challenged.
  • Dave P

    so someone comes up with a theory that could possibly make sense and that theory is totally disregarded and considered hate simply because it involves the Jews? I've not read the article but there is no doubt about it that Israel did in fact have the most to gain by that tragedy.
  • Mossad and the CIA did 9/11 but it's pointless to expect the Americans to investigate it because Mossad controls the CIA, Congress and the media. However, the US military know the truth about 9/11 and it's just a matter of time before the Yanks get together with the Russians. Israel will 'flat-ass disappear'. That's what they're saying in the US Marine Corps.
  • Are the Church of England saying that there is no distinction between Jews and Israel? So, insulting Israel is insulting Jews? What if the story is true that Israel somehow was involved....? Does it change the whole story?
    • Biset, how dare you offer a rationale thought on this subject. There is no room for rationale, independent thoughts about this subject. The U.S. government has already told us who is at fault. We all know that the U.S. government is the most honest/reputable/reliable source of news information on the planet. Shame on you for trying to interject a thought that wasn't given to you by the Mass Mainstream Media. Shame!
  • If he has facts, then let him post them. If his facts are anti-semitic then maybe people should pay more attention to the facts than ad hominem attacks on the person stating the facts.

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