Saturday, December 11, 2010

Somalia: Al-Shabab tell Mothers to purchase guns for sons

Mogadishu Tuesday 02 November 2010 SMC
Somaliweyn – Mohammed Omar Hussein
The administration of Al-Shabab in Banadir region has urged Parents particularly mothers to purchase guns for their children in order to partaker the ongoing clashes between them and the Somali government soldiers backed by the African Union troops on the ground.
The regional commander of Al-Shabab has said the statement in an open ground in the Al-Shabab controlled zone in Mogadishu where hundreds of mothers have converged to hear the declaration.
“ We are strongly urging mothers to engage themselves to purchase guns for their sons the so called African Union troops are no longer unable to resist our attacks and what we need is a slight boost from your energetic who are at home” said Sheikh Ali Mohammed Hussein the regional commander of Al-Shabab in Bandair region.
The regional commander of Al-Shabab has as well added that the residents of Mogadishu to entire take part of the ongoing clashes in the city.
“We shall not be suspending our fight against these infidels as long as they are in our soil” added the Sheikh Ali.
Previously the human rights activists have denounced both the Somali government and the rival Islamists for child soldiering.
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