Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Somalia lawmakers select new speaker

Press TV

Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:49AM GMT

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Somali parliament has elected former Somalia Prime Minister as new speaker. ‎Mohamed Osman Jawari, was elected as speaker becoming the first formal leader to ‎be elected in a post transitional administration

Somalia's new parliament has elected Mohamed Osman Jawari as the new speaker.

Jawari has held a significant lead after the first round of voting, and was named speaker subsequently after his opponent in a planned run-off that Ali Khalif Galeyr dropped out of the race. Somali leaders have hailed this historic election.

Jawari is a senior figure in Somalia politics and once served under the late former President Mohamed Siad Barre regime as a minister. However, Somali lawmakers say that that Somalia has an unprecedented opportunity now, more than ever to end the two decades of chaos.

Jawari is the first formally elected Somali leader under the new Somali administration set to be formed in a matter of days. Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali told Press TV that the success in speaker’s elections in Mogadishu signals that Somalia is moving towards democracy, peace, and stability.

However, Jawari election means that it will complicate the bid of the former speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan from presidency as both hails from the same Rahanweyn clan predominant in Baidoa region of South Somalia.

The last two months have seen major changes in Somalia, including the ratification of a new constitution, inauguration of a new parliament, and the election of the speaker that will now pave way for the election of the 8th president of Somalia, officially ending the eight year old transitional period.

Previous elections were being held in neighboring countries like Kenya and Djibouti but this is the first formal election-taking place in Somali soil for the first time in two decades and it’s considered to be a milestone for a country torn apart by two decades of conflict.

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