Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Muslims deny backing Raila bid for top job

December 25,  2012

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Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Photo/FILE
Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Photo/FILE  NATION MEDIA GROUP
Posted  Tuesday, December 25  2012 at  00:30

A section of Muslims on Monday distanced themselves from their leaders’ endorsement of Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the ultimate presidential front-runner.
They said voting was an individual decision and the PM should not to be misled.
Speaking in Nairobi, Muslim Youth chairman Issa Ahmed Issa said the purported endorsement should not be understood to mean all Muslims would rally behind Mr Odinga in the March 4 election.
“Some clerics purported to talk on behalf of all Muslims but let me tell you that when we saw these clerics cum businessmen we were surprised and shocked…” Mr Ahmed said.
Cheap gimmick
“These people went there as individuals, just like in 2007 when we were told of an MOU whose contents we never got to know,” he said.
The Supreme Council Of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) also dismissed the endorsement as “a cheap political gimmick aimed at herding the Muslims to support Raila.”
Supkem national vice-chairman Abdullahis Sirat said in a message to newsrooms that Muslims “will be making an informed choice” and appealed to them to exercise their constitutional rights.
On Sunday, some Muslim leaders led by Sheikh Mohammed Warfa declared support for Mr Odinga’s presidential quest.
On Tuesday, Mr Odinga celebrates Christmas at his Bondo home, where he will attend a church service at the ACK Church, Nyamira.
Sources said me important pronouncements are expected at the family get together on Wednesday.

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