Thursday, September 8, 2016

“Black citizens are still suffering from racism in Tunisia”: Areselan Debate Club (YAV)

KAIROUAN, Tunisia- On March 25th, 2015, a debate session was held under the program of Young Arab Voices (YAV) with a group of young debaters and members of the Arselan association at the office of the Association Kairouanaise de Développement Intégré (AKDI), Kairouan.
The motion was entitled “Black citizens are still suffering from racism in Tunisia”.
The house of the government stated that” Racism and racial discrimination against blacks still exists in Tunisia. In a matter of a fact, Radio mosaique fm has recently published an article on it’s Facebook page containing pictures of a protest by a group of Tunisian citizens condemning racism… Discrimination against blacks in Tunisia is a resurfacing silent crisis.”
The house of the government replied by stating that “Today we live under a democratic state. There is no distinction between black and white. Even if we take a look at the legitimate laws in our country there is no presence of the word “white” or “black.” We find the words ‘the people’ or ‘citizens’. Means all classes of our society have the same rights and duties and no one is above the law.”
The house of the government was the winning team.
The debate was held in the Arabic language.
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