Thursday, March 31, 2011

Danish minister: Become like us or stay away


Jyllands-Posten 9 March 2011
Danish MP Søren Pind had hardly assumed his new position as minister for integration from Birthe Rønn Hornbech before he declared himself prepared to tighten immigration laws further. Foreigners are to become Danes, or refrain from settling in Denmark entirely.
This is the clear message from the newly appointed Minister for Integration, Søren Pind (Venstre), who believes the time for integration has passed.
From now on it should be crystal clear that Denmark has space for foreigners adopting to and respecting Danish values, norms and traditions, or they should not be here at all.

My approach to this is that when one actively chooses Denmark, one chooses Denmark with the clear intention of becoming Danish,
says Søren Pind.
Misunderstood integration
He points out that misunderstood integration, where Danish values such as equal rights for women and the right to choose marriage partners freely, have been bent in an attempt to accommodate foreigners.
But this is no longer a viable approach, for this policy threatens Denmark as a nation.

In my view, multi-culture, and what comes in its wake, has reached a breaking point – and I will fight this trend in every way I can,
he says, and declares himself ready to implement tougher immigration laws.
Rejoicing from the Danish Peoples' Party
Vice chairman of the Danish Peoples' Party, Peter Skaarup, rejoices on the news:

There are several areas where thougher laws are needed. These messages from Søren Pind is exactly what we want and need, he says.

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