Thursday, March 31, 2011

Somali Diasporas call upon the UN and the UN Security Council to Stop Ethiopia’s Aggression and Meddling in the Internal Affairs of Somalia

Concerned Somali Diaspora
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We, the undersigned members of Concerned Somalis in the Diaspora, are deeply dismayed by the international community’s indifferences to the unfettered menacing involvements of Ethiopia in the protracted civil conflict of our country.  We urge the UN Security Counsel and the AU to condemn Ethiopia’s repeated violation of Somalia’s territorial integrity and the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians.

During the past two decades, Ethiopia has covertly and overtly contributed to the destabilization of Somalia, arming warlords as well as carrying out devastating militarily campaigns inside Somalia in violations of international laws (Chapter 1, Article 1 and 2.4 of the UN Charter). 

Consistent with the previous aggression and destabilization of our country, Ethiopian armed forces have once again joined a yet new armed conflict between two Islamists groups:  extremist Islamists groups of Al-Shabaab and the Ethiopia-backed Ahlu-Sunna Wal Jameeca (ASWJ).  In this most recent mindless war between these competing armed groups, the Ethiopian armed forces, in support of the ASWJ militias, have subjected the border town of Belad Hawo (Gedo) to indiscriminate artillery bombardments that caused countless losses of civilian lives, displacements of thousands of families from their homes, and the destructions of the already battered infrastructures of the town.  Similar Ethiopian army incursions into Somali soils have also been on-going for nearly two years in Bakool, Hiiraan, and Galgaduud, with devastating humanitarian consequences for the Somali civilians of the affected towns/cities. 

The latest Ethiopian policies-of-destabilization by means of military incursions into Somalia comes at a time when the Somali people in the border regions (Gedo, Bakool, Hiiraan, and Galgaduud) are devastated by a severe draught that caused unspeakable humanitarian crises and sufferings of which international aid and response are still desperately needed. 

The Somali people (both inside and outside the country) feel betrayed by the International Community's complacencies or indifferences to our protracted conflict and Ethiopia's established aggression, destabilization, and disproportionate use of violence against Somali citizens. The world community should understand that the solution to Somalia’s protracted conflict could only be reached through genuine internal reconciliation process and dialogue among the people of Somalia without interferences from neighboring countries as the case has been for the past two decades.     

We, the undersigned members of Concerned Somalis in the Diaspora with roots across Somalia, including activists, educators, intellectuals, and professionals:
·         Condemn the deliberate and indiscriminate artillery bombardments of the heavily populated Somali town of Belad Hawo by the Ethiopian army and demand Ethiopia to stop immediately these unprovoked hostilities and unconditionally withdraw its troops from Somalia's territory.
·          Condemn and denounce the mindless violence, deplorable tactics and policies pursued by Ethiopia, Ethiopian-supported militias, and Al-Shabaab all of which are collectively tantamount to genocide and War Crimes against the Somali people.
·         Call upon the International Community to equally condemn the Ethiopian aggression on innocent Somali civilians and the violation of international human rights laws committed by all groups in the current hostilities in Belad Hawo, Belad Weyn and Galgadud.
·         Request from the UN Security Council to establish immediately an inquiry into the violations of International laws arising from the recent and the previous wars that were waged in Somalia and on the Somali people.
·         Bring the attention of the World and the UN to the deleterious ramifications of Ethiopia’s unimpeded meddling in the affairs of Somalia.  In our view, the Somali people are entitled to account for and reparations for the Ethiopia’s documented aggressions towards our country and atrocities committed against our people.
·         Ask that these destructive policies/strategies of Ethiopia against Somalia end immediately and the regime in Addis Abba comply with international laws/resolutions vis-à-vis the Somali conflict. Equally, we request that the people of Somalia be allowed and assisted in determining locally crafted solutions to their internal conflicts. 

Lastly, we remind the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia to show restraint on its military operations in Mogadishu, especially when civilian cost is too high. The increased bombardments of civilians under the TFG’s name correlates directly with the shrinking legitimacy that have thus far hindered TFG’s domestic policies and denied any breakthrough to occur during its transitional period.  On the way forward, we call upon the TFG to show leadership in devising innovative means and methods of achieving comprehensive reconciliation.  There are no military solutions to the protracted political problems of our country.   

1.           Gen. Jama Mohamed Ghalib
2.           Abdiwahab Tarey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
3.           Abdirizak Mohamed, Toronto, ON, Canada
4.           Ibraahim Iimaan, Boston, MA, USA
5.           Faisal Roble, Los Angeles, CA, USA
6.           Ahmed Hamud, Toronto, ON, Canada
7.           Said M Shire, Toronto, ON, Canada
8.           Abdulaziz Hagi Mohamed Hussein, Minneapolis, MN, USA
9.           Mohamed Hassan (Gudbaaye), Minneapolis, MN, USA
10.       Basto Ahmed, Virginia, USA
11.       Prof. Hassan Mohamud (Jaamici), Minneapolis, MN, USA
12.       Haji Abdikarim Haji Abdi Buh, London, UK
13.       Mohamud Khalif, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
14.       Prof. Hassan Mahadallah, Louisiana, USA
15.       Mohamoud A Gaildon, Pennsylvania, USA
16.       Abdikhayr Soofe, Columbus, OH, USA
17.       Mohamed Ali, Washington DC, USA
18.       Dr. Nur Farah, Minnesota, USA
19.       Con. Cabdullahi Cali Macow, Charlotte, NC, USA
20.       Ali M. Omar, North Carolina, USA
21.       AbdiShakur Ali Mire, London, UK
22.       Bashir Ali, North Carolina, USA
23.       Mohamud M Uluso, Michigan, USA
24.       Amira Khalif Addaawe, Minnesota, USA
25.       Abdulkani rage barrow, Ottawa, ON, Canada
26.       Abdirahman Abdulle Siad, Toronto, ON, Canada
27.       Alinur Hussein Boodaaye, Toronto, ON, Canada
28.       Abdulkadir Ali Abdi (Xuurka), Ohio, USA
29.       Fowsia Abdulkadir, Ontario, Canada
30.       Farid Omar, Toronto, ON, Canada
31.       Dr. Abdi Greek, London, UK
32.       Zakaria Mohamoud Haji
33.       Khadija Mohamoud Sheikh
34.       Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud
35.       Salah Olow Gaabow.
36.       Abdullahi Osman (Carays), Toronto, ON, Canada.
37.       Abdirahman abdi, Maryland, USA
38.       Abdulkadir M. Ali, Virginia, USA
39.       Prof Liban Egal, Virginia, USA
40.       AbdiRasaq Hashi, Indiana, USA
41.       Dr. Qasim Hirsi Farah, Toronto, ON, Canada
42.       Hussein N. Darwish, Virginia, USA
43.       Dr. Ali S. Faqi, Michigan, USA
44.       Mohamud Mohamed Musse, Toronto, ON, Canada
45.       Ali Shariif Ahmed, London, UK
46.       Ambassador Osman Abshir Egal, London, UK
47.       Osman Abokar Mohamed, London,UK
48.       Guled Osman Abshir, London, UK
49.       Abdiwali Osman Garad  London,UK
50.       Abdia Sheikh Ahmed, Virginia, USA
51.       Mustafa Yasin Salwe , Ohio, USA
52.       Abdi Robleh, North Carolina, USA
53.       Abdikarim M. Ali (Diish), Boston, MA, USA
54.       Hussein Warsame, Virginia, USA
55.       Ali M. Artan, San Diego, CA, USA
56.       Abdirahman Abdulle Siad
57.       Warsame Jirde, Toronto, ON, Canada
58.       Faduma Awow Mohamed, Toronto, ON, Canada
59.       Mohamed Ali Aden, Toronto, ON, Canada
60.       Qamar D. Hassan, Toronto, ON, Canada
61.       Mohamed M. Makaraan, Ontario Canada
62.       Abdirashid Gayre, Michigan, USA
63.       Abdikhaliq Omar Mohamed, Manchester, UK
64.       Mumin Barre, Virginia, USA
65.       Suad D. Hassan, Seattle, USA
66.       Dr. Ali Mohamed Tifow, London, UK
67.       Hibaq Gelle, Toronto, ON, Canada
68.       Faiza Abdulle Gure, Stockholm, Sweden
69.       Abdifatah Hassan, Seattle, USA
70.       Mohamed Heebaan, Richmond, BC, Canada
71.       Sadia Ali Aden, Virginia, USA
72.       Farhia Nur, Virginia, USA
73.       Mahad Sheikh, Toronto, ON, Canada
74.       Mohamed Yusuf Shariif, Stockholm, Sweden
75.       Mohamed Abdulkadir, Cairo, Egypt
76.       Aden Hussein, Massachusetts, USA
77.       Fowsia Baana, Washington DC, USA
78.       Mohamed Omar, Seattle, Washington, USA
79.       Mohamed Abdi Dahir, Nairobi, Kenya
80.       Abdinor Ali, California, USA
81.       Mohamed Deeq Taakilo, Massachusetts, USA
82.       Abdikarim Ahmed, Massachusetts, USA
83.       Burhan Mohamed, Washington, USA
84.       Su'ad Abdullahi, London, UK
85.       Qaali Ahmed, Minnesota, USA
86.       Anwar Maxamed Diiriye, Minneapolis, MN, USA
87.       Ali Said Haji Aliyow, Melbourne, Australia
88.       Ali H. Abdulla, Abu Dhabi, UAE
89.       Jama Ali Jama, London,UK
90.       Ibraahim Mahadalla Dhuxulow, London,UK
91.       Abdilaziz Abdullahi    Virginia, USA
92.       Huda Yusuf, Massachusetts, USA
93.       Khalif Y. Ahmed, Minnesota, USA
94.       Faiza Aziz, Minnesota, USA
95.       Abdinasir Egal, Massachusetts, USA
96.       Basra Aden Salad, Virginia, USA
97.       Rowda Olad, Ohio, USA
98.       Abdulakdir Aden Mohamud (Jangeli), Washington, USA
99.       Mohamed Ahmed Farah, Virginia, USA
100.   Abdulkadir Esse, Virginia, USA
101.   Aden Sarhan, Maryland, USA
102.   Mohamed Awad, Virginia, USA
103.   Abdirizak Raghe, Virginia, USA
104.   Eyni Cisas, Virginia, USA
105.   Faisal Osman, Virginia, USA
106.   Faisal Abdi, Woodbridge, VA, USA
107.   Abdikarim Osman, Virginia, USA
108.   Imam Omarr Abukar Mohamud, Washington DC, USA
109.   Id Farah, Virginia, USA
110.   Yusuf Sarur, Virginia, USA
111.   Abdi Hassan, Maryland, USA
112.   Ahmed Mohamed, Virginia, USA
113.   Raghe Siyad, North Carolina, USA
114.   Zaid Mohamed Yusuf, Washington DC, USA
115.   Mohamed Hassan Hussein, Maryland, USA
116.   Ahmed Yusuf, Virginia, USA
117.   Omar Douled, Virginia, USA
118.   Abdullahi Yusuf, Virginia, USA
119.   Abdinasir Ali Abdi, Virginia, USA
120.   Abdiaziz Hussein, Virginia, USA
121.   Abukar Mudey, Virginia, USA
122.   Mohamud Hassan Gamur, Virginia, USA
123.   Said Shidaad, Columbus, OH, USA
124.   Prof Hussein Warsame, Calgary, AL, Canada

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