Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uganda police warns of planned Somali terror attacks


The assistant Inspector General of Police in Uganda, Abasi Byakagaba who doubles as director for counter-terrorism, has cautioned the general public following threats of attacks from terrorist groups.
While issuing the statement today, Byakagaba warned that police had "received new threats" of attacks from "Somali militants".
Calling "upon Ugandans to be very cautious" the counter-terrorism director advised the public to remain alert as terrorists usually target crowded places.
"I hereby issue a serious caution to public place owners. Places like disco halls, movie halls, arcades among other business places should tighten security in their areas," he said.
Byakagaba also called on all business proprietors to adopt appropriate security measures and check people entering their premises for explosives.
Individuals, according to him, should keep a keen eye on those they suspect to be wrong elements in society and should report suspects to police.
On July 11th, 2010 over 70 people were killed when suicide bombers detonated explosives in two places in Kampala where the world cup finals was being shown on giant screens.
For being the only African countries with peace keeping troops in Somalia, Uganda and Burundi have become targets of Somali extremists who accuse them of meddling in Somali affairs.

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