Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Ethiopian Troops Reach in Central Somalia


26 November 2011

Balatweyn — Hundreds of Ethiopian troops with tanks and artillery were reported to have reached on Saturday parts of Hiran region in central Somalia amid tensions run high in the area, reports and eyewitnesses said.
Local residents said that they have seen hundreds of Ethiopian troops had crossed into Somalia with armored personnel carriers, heavy artillery and tanks, who positioned locations in Hiran region.
The Islamist insurgents of the Shabab are already there and battling against moderate Ahlu sunna group allied with Somali government and Shabelle Valley.
Residents in Beletweyn town, the provincial capital of Hiran region in central Somalia said that Al-shabab fighters in the town have been waging army movement and battle mobilization to launch offensive the Ethiopian troops in Kalabayr junction who reportedly heading to Beletweyn town.
It was yesterday, when IGAD leaders who met in Addis Ababa thumbed up the Ethiopian troops to operate in the war torn horn Africa country Somalia to root Al-shabab militants linked with Al-Qaeda out of the country.

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