Friday, March 23, 2012

The Massacre of Ethiopians by TPLF & OLF - A Must Watch Interview!

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Must watch interview! Fasil & Aba Nikodimos ...Watch it yourself and judge. You will see what the OLF/ESAT soldier Fasil who tried so hard to exonerate OLF for the genocide of thousands of Ethiopians in Harrarghi Province in collaboration with TPLF Weyane during the invasion of Ethiopia in 1991 by fascist TPLF Tigre Weyanes, led by the butcher and bloodthirsty Legesse Zenawi and Co. It's a matter of time for the fascists to destroy themselves including the pseudo oppositions. They have massacred our people for so long and the people say ... Never again!

This interview was conducted on ESAT TV. But ESAT TV's journalist not only tried to put the blame for the atrocities against Amharas on OPDO and TPLF, but also tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to exonerate OLF. What is even more nauseating is the fact that ESAT removed this videotaped interview from its website so that viewers may not come to know about the atrocities OLF perpetrated against Amharas as told by this priest who witness what OLF did from close range. And this ties up with the present flirtation of Ginbot 7 with OLF. This tells us a lot about the self-serving claim that Esat TV is promoting independent journalism. This tells us also a lot as to whom Esat serves as a mouthpiece. As the saying goes, action speaks more than words!!!!! Please pass on this videotaped interview to all concerned Ethiopians who should know about what OLF, OPDO and TPLF did to innocent Amharas who were brutalized by these evil groups. Never relax your guard and be deluded into buying the current non sense Esat & its owner Ginbot 7 are selling about OLF as if OLF has changed its colur. Even the new OLF group that masquerades as a new force committed to the welfare of Ethiopia, remains beholden to its "right of self-determination" prinicple - a concept that is apt to prove an instrument for the break-up of Ethiopia which OLF continues to see as a colonial state. The work goes on and the dream shall never die!

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