Monday, October 28, 2013

Somalia: Government Forces Still Hold Shabelle Premises and Start Looting

Shabelle-Mogadishu. Somali interior minsiter, who ordered the police storm into the headquarters of Shabelle Media Network in Mogadishu came and took some Shabelle owned equipments into a truck, according to reliable sources who witnessed when the the interior minister accompanied by Abdi Aziz Africa, ajournalist working for the state radio came to the besieged of Shabelle last night. Shabelle staff taken away in police truck yesterday
The sources confirm us during the dismantling and looting of Shabelle equipments by interior minsiter Abdikarin Hussein Guled and his accomplice Abdi Aziz Africa that one of the security guards of the minister was electrocuted after unprofessionally tried to cut one of the electric wires connected to the media equipments in the station.
The looted equipments were loaded into one of the interior minsiter's trucks.
Abdi Aziz Africa, the journalist with the state media, Radio Mogadishu also took equipments mainly laptops and cameras from the building, according to the same relaible sources.
Unconfirmed reports say that some of the equipments were taken to Radio Mogadishu.

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