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I’m getting married…and she’s pretty as a picture!


Published: 22 April, 2011, 13:48
Edited: 23 April, 2011, 20:01
Tomasz Urynowicz (Photo by Michael Stawowiak /
Tomasz Urynowicz (Photo by Michael Stawowiak /

Tomasz Urynowicz, a 37-year-old Polish citizen, has made up his mind to marry… a painting!
The bride-to-be is a portrait of a young brown-haired woman with a basket. The Polish art lover decided to marry the picture because he failed to find the girl who sat for the portrait back in 1955.

Tomasz first saw the painting in 2001 in an art gallery and was swept off his feet. He soon bought the picture and spent the next ten years trying to find the young lady depicted on it. When he failed to do that, the passionate man started a search operation, this time looking for the artist, Antoni Maria Kwiek.

The lovelorn man assured he would only like to chat with the object of his adoration, according to Oddity Central. “I just wanted to meet her, sit down and have coffee and a chat – to see who she is and what her life has been like,” said Tomasz. But despite his studiousness, Tomasz failed to find the girl. So, he decided he would marry the painting.

Today Tomasz is looking for a priest who will bless his marriage with the painted version of the woman of his dreams. “I don’t know if what I plan to do is possible in Poland, but if it isn’t, I’m going to the place that allows such marriages,” asserted Tomasz Urynowicz.
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­There is no information regarding whether Tomasz was ever married to a real woman.

This marriage, however peculiar it may seem to a conservative person, is not unique in its extravagance. According to various reports, in December 2010 an Australian citizen married his dog. The young man found a dog five years earlier, and after the dog grew up he felt he was “obliged to marry the pet,” as he considered himself a highly religious person. In Taiwan, a man married a Taoist fairy whom he saw in his dream, and another citizen of the same country married…herself.

Such unexpected marriages seem practically impossible to beat. But certainly it is just a matter of time.

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