Thursday, April 28, 2011

Women whip off shirts in Gaddafi's support


Published: 28 April, 2011, 14:28
RU-FEMEN activists protesting against war in Libya (Image from femen-rus.livejournal.coml)
RU-FEMEN activists protesting against war in Libya (Image from femen-rus.livejournal.coml)

Half-naked girls descended on the European Commission in Moscow to protest against the war in Libya. They brought mattresses with Gaddafi portraits, claiming the European leaders started the war because they do not sleep well.
­Wednesday’s action saw one of the three girls that had taken off their shirts in front of the Commission building, detained by police.

The slogans of the protest were: "Make Love, not War!", “Send to sleep the spirit of war!” and “Mattress and breasts – forget about war”.

The girls say they wanted to attract attention “to the recent events in Libya, where three mighty superpowers fight against a small defenseless state”.

They claim that the operation began because EU leaders sleep on “awful, old mattresses”.

With such an approach, they constantly do not get enough sleep, have health problems and thus are mad at the whole world.
Therefore, the activists took along comfortable mattresses for the British and French leaders with a portrait of Colonel Gaddafi and their slogans on them.
RU-FEMEN activist holding a mattress with Gaddafi′s portrait (Image from
RU-FEMEN activist holding a mattress with Gaddafi's portrait (Image from
­A similar action is planned at the US embassy in Moscow with a mattress prepared for Barack Obama.

The protest was the first action of the RU-FEMEN movement, the Russian branch of the scandalously famous feminist FEMEN movement that appeared in Ukraine several years ago. Its members constantly organize protest actions in big cities, trying to attract attention to acute social and political problems. The actions are quite popular with the media as FEMEN members usually protest naked or with few clothes.

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