Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SOMALIA: Government forces, Al-Shabab fight in Gedo

By: Abdalle Ahmed -
MOGADISHU (RBC) A fighting between Somalia government forces and Al-Shabab fighters broke out in Tuulo-Barwaaqo village, 22-KM away from Garbaharey district of Gedo region in southern Somalia on Wednesday, RBC Radio reports.
The battle erupted in early of Wednesday morning after government forces and allied militia of Ahlu suna launched a tremendous attack on Al-Shabab bases near Garbaharey, local sources confirmed.
Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, spokesman for Ahlu Suna militia claimed that government and Ahlu suna forces captured Tuulo-Barwaaqo village. He also said they seized many weapons from Al-Shabab.
Sheikh Hussein vowed the fighting against Al-Shabab will not come to an end until to demolish what he described “the murders and criminals in the country”.
Eye witnesses in Garbaharey told RBC Radio that they saw Al-Shabab fighters approaching to the town, and residents begun fleeing from the town in the fear of the battle.
At least 8 people were reportedly killed in the fighting.
The UN backed government of Somalia is in a new move to eliminate Al-Shahab fighters from their most strongholds in the southern regions as Somalia defense minister currently in Ethiopia to discuss possible ways of military support.
RBC Radio

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