Thursday, April 28, 2011

Should the UN return to Somalia?


AfricaHYS Team | 13:26 UK time, Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Somalia's Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is urging the UN to return its Somalia-related operations to Mogadishu rather than work out of neighbouring Kenya.
Somalia's Transitional Federal Government  has a mandate which expires in August. So this week the United Nations is hosting a conference in Nairobi to discuss what happens next. 

But the Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is  boycotting the meeting because he wants all UN work for Somalia to be done in Mogadishu. Mr Mohamed says the UN already operates in Afghanistan and Iraq, which he says are far more dangerous than Somalia.

Is he right? Should the UN move its operations back within the country, or would the risks of such a move outweigh the benefits?

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